Who is this ninja?

I Have a feeling he’s a talker


Mbona wanakazana na kizungu na wote ni wakenya

watu wako na shida sana huko majuu. Nonsense!!

The guy in the tight suit…:mad::confused:
Can he even bend in it…!!!

Nimeona tu kiatu ya brown Nikajua ni…

That’s why many of us avoid Kenyans and their gatherings. Rather hang out with Ugandans, Tanzanians etc. Tribalism majuu is worse than what people experience in Kenya.

Hata mimi hushangaa sana nikiona mtu aking’ang’ana na kizungu awezani.
After living “majuu” for years I came back with a disdain for glorification of English and wengy accents. 80% of the time there is never a need to use English orally when speaking to other Kenyans even in professional settings.

Omera, that is the first thing that came to my mind.


Na hiyo bag imebeba sound acoustics speakers ama?

some minor gadgets :D:D

Pathetic as it gets

Kwani hiyo suti yake ni fundi aliishiwa na material?

[ATTACH=full]132406[/ATTACH] Let tell you a sad story. This is for you who are tribalists:

2 Kenyans were arrested because of being without majwala.One was mwangi and the other was omollo.They were buddies and did everything together .

The state I am at, there are not many luos but a lots of kikuyus on Southern part of the state. So word reached out to the kikuyu community that one of their own has been arrested together with another Luo. Speedily they raised cash through gofundme and boom-bond money and legal fees raised and the mwangi boy got out .

When he got out he went to plead with the fellow kikuyu tribesmen to bail out Omollo. They refused and instead “wacha kihii atahirishwe kwa jela.wewe tosheka na venye umetolewa” they would say. The mwangi guy worked so hard working under the table to raise cash but since he had no papers, the much he raised was $2000 which was a quater of what was needed.By then 4 months had passed and omollo still rotting in detention .

That’s when mwangi approached us. I live north close to Canada . Since I’m not a Luo,I was able to gather my machinery ,institution and few Kenyan friends across the divide (a luo, luhya, 3 kikuyus , Somali and a teso) and we raised the remaining amount .

Omollo came out of jail , got his papers right and is heading to getting his kadi ya manjano. Mwangi wrote a very bitter post on Facebook how tribalism is affecting our own Kenyans abroad. I read it and laughed . We had those similar problems hapa north and slowly we focused on what unites us than what divides us.its slowly fading away.

So when I look at this video in uk, it reminds me a certain talker either Abba grundy or chief/chifu that said " The most educated and older folks are the most tribal bigots" I don’t see young men throwing tantrums here on this video. They are all older folks except a man with a burnt face and dreadlocks who i can’t tell the age. If Kenyans abroad fight to this magnitude ,how about Kenyans on the ground ?

My worst fear is that a certain community will be isolated at the end of the day. It might not be now , maybe 5 years, maybe 10 years i don’t know. They are working so so hard on being isolated.

I literally flee from older Kenyans hapa abroad. I flee and fly from Kenyan gatherings.i only gather when there is an Investment opportunity which in most cases they call their own to tell such deals-which I happen to participate because of my kikuyu brother/ friend I live with in the north.

A stupid mama met me one time and asked me "unaitwa nani?
I said “lucern” .
“What about your last name " she roared back.
" my names are lucern rodrick” I answered back
“You have no Kenyan local name” she asked.
That’s when I got upset and gave her a lecture of her life time .

The story above also happens when we have to ship bodies back home . It’s all inclined on tribal lines. Is this how it has become pathetic? What’s wrong with us Kenyans ? What stupidity is this folks . One day kutaharibika and we will have no one to turn to except our own. It will be too late then.

You’ve summed it up well my brother. There is something innately wrong with this cancer called tribalism that will unravel Kenya.

The ceo of equity came here 16-18 yrs ago to tell guys to buy founder shares for equity bank. Only the “Kenyans wa south” gathered and bought. Some “Kenyans like me wa North” were interested but no one wanted you to know the info. Ilinipita hivyo. All who did invest went back home 7 years later never to return. Why are we Kenyans being selfish and use tribalism to back it up? I’m ashamed to tell people here that I’m Kenyan to be honest but I can’t run away from the label they have about us. Thank you @Swansea .I can see you totally relate.

So now it’s a crime to listen to kameme??? What happened to “kila nyani na starehe zake”?

That is why we as a country Kenya will be overtaken (socially, economically etc) by our neighbors. A TZ’edian or Ugandan will give you leads, offer a helping hand in times of need than a Kenyan that first wants to know your family name. Sad really.

In my zip code. I know and have especially UG friends. Unaona hiyo story ya makaratasi, vile umeandika hapo juu. They uplift each other. They are a community regardless of what region in UG they hail from. It keeps them connected. It’s amazing to see what they have achieved together in a short time. The investments, job, educational & business opportunities that they share and accord each other. On the other hand, Kenyans hataki ati “umshinde”. Sad.

Anyway as I say, make money. Save for a rainy day, take care of family, friends and less fortunate. Blessings ni mbele.

hata Ktalk most tribalist ni the older talkers, open any politricks thread na wao ndio wamejaa with the bashing

I remember early 2000 , nilishikwa na watu wa majwala. Waliniachilia kidogo nikaenda under. So my fellow Kenyans were advocating for me to return back. They told me I won’t beat the system and went ahead to give me examples of so and so who went back home and made it. They were willing to buy my Toyota at a throw away price to facilitate my transition to kenya . One Ghanaian, his name was Owusu, came and told me “you not going back . Everything is possible .” He walked me through a wakili , went through the process and finally I came out of the shadows.Everytime I look back I owe him alot. It’s very easy to get help from another African but rarely our own kenyan. We base our help in terms of tribes . This is across the divide be it kikuyu , luo,or kisii.