Who is this?? Can anyone guess??

[ATTACH=full]136772[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]136773[/ATTACH]

He also had several simcards and about 10phones all working.

Can you spot the real ID?

That’s straight up scary. Unareport yeye, anashow up na kuruka story.

moses Njoroge mwang

David Thiong’o Mwangi.

Down right, David Thiong’o

hii tulisettle kwa iebc portal na tukaambiwa 22933102 is the original and valid id

Mlikuwa mshaona hii?

Ngoja confirmation.

Sly fox

Hii tuliona b4 mugo kabiru atoe prophecy ya iron snake!


who’s this faggot?

I’d say his real identity is Moses Njoroge Mwangi simply because the very first ID was issued in 2003 and the rest were issued between 2011 and 2014 when he started his criminal career proper. The last one, David Thiong’o Mwangi is clearly one of the individuals whose identity he stole.

The signature in Moses Njoroge Mwangi’s 2003 ID is also more elaborate. The other signatures are simple and appear to have been created on the spot. For instance John Maina Kamau is just a quick JMK. Edward Karanja Mwaura is just Emwaura. There’s also a simple Dwairegi. There are two IDs signed Dmwangi which were issued on the same day 17/6/2014 wearing the same shirt which means he just signed Dmwangi for both. Stanley Muriithi Kiama is just a simple SMK. Getting an ID being a much awaited moment after highschool, the signature is usually a big highlight and therefore more elaborate.

These people…

the fact that he could get two IDs issued on the same day featuring the same ID number,same photo but different names means he has an inside man. Na mambo kama hii ndio sometimes hufanya niamini ule jamaa akisema ameibiwa kura.
If a hoi polloi can game the system this easily ni nini haiwezi fanyika hii Kenya? Not that he’s an angel himself. His friend Kajwang’ was dishing out passports like candy.
If Matiangi was to do a force recheck of all KCSE certificates I wouldn’t be surprised to hear very few Kenyans have ever completed High School. Na wengine wako na hadi Phd. I know individuals who were expelled from school for being complete retards education-wise. Na leo jamaa ni eminent lawyer.

If you can do a simple census and skew it to show you have a real tyranny. Forget that there are whole villages that have been depopulated by illicit drink. Then print 700,000 John Maina Kamau IDs and find a way to have them all register as voters… ni maombi haiya si uchawi

ultimately they’re probably fake IDs. The A in Murang’a in the Simon Muturi ID is already rubbing off. There’s an ink smudge in John Maina Kamau. The watermarks in some IDs are lighter than in others and the fonts are not uniformly sized. The court of arms in Edward Karanja Mwaura is a weird blue coluor.

Nice analytical scrutiny @patco.