Who is Shooting/Clobbering These Innocents? Something Evil is Going On..............

A very senior cop last night told me that they are investigating the incredibly bizarre situation in which police batons and bullets seem to be ‘zig-zagging’ their way to hurt innocents, including babies, old women and school boys. Yaani zinapita all the youthful looters and somehow just hit a child on his mathas back, or a kid who was going to buy ice-cream amidst tear-gas fumes.

“Kuna kitu inaendelea hatuelewi juu hakuna askari anaweza kupiga mtoto wa mwaka moja rungu, ama kulenga kijana ako na uniform risasi. No way. Hata sisi ni binadamu…” the officer from Western Kenya told me at Home Pub. “Hiyo coincidence is just too much.”

Today, of course, I wake up to the news that police-grade fire-arms are being found left, right and centre in opposition homes, and my mind can’t help but have some very major suspicions…somebody is out to control the news cycle, and especially depict the police as sheer brutes…

I noted the same when ‘peaceful’ protestors turned up with tear gas canisters. There’s more than meets the eye.

Was about to post something on the same, you couldn’t have said it any better. I believe there’s more than meets the eye. How comes its only the innocent children are shot? Something somewhere doesn’t add up.

Even Japheth Koome was very adamant that the 9yr old in Mathare wasnt shot by a policeman. As someone has already put a thread on the Maidan Massacre, read it and see the similarity. The name ‘Orange’ in ODM was copied from Orange revolution in Ukranian back in 2004 just before our referendum. Seeing that the daily maandamano are bearing no fruits and are about to fizzle out, some Francium was needed in the mix. Fortunately and unfortunately for them, the security organs are thinking far much ahead of them

Wanaonyeshwa vizuri sana wanatokea kama wamebeba tear gas zao! Is how?

…and coincidentally with when two “human rights” reports indicting police for the deaths of 40 and 28 people through police brutality…with NTV embellishing them with images of tearful mothers…

There’s a post down there about the same leading to the outer of a government. Target innocent people and police too. Raise anger towards the govt. (who else has such fire power, grenades, teargas cannisters…)

If you could go to court to reverse a presidential win, why not follow the same path to remove the IEBC minions?

Wanjigi guns were used in the Mpeketoni massacre!

we in NASA are very angry with those witnesses who said yesterdays killer wasn’t a police. We would like to remind our supporters that success of our demonstrations is gauged by the number of deaths and looting ofcourse even if its not the police all blames should be on them.
We will remind you that in future if you see something not done by police do not speak out.

NASA demonstrations coordinator

Prof. Mukuna, EKG,MRI,PCP,ECHO

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What for, my Friend? What will you do with the efidens?

Enyewe ujinga ni kipawa…this shit is too much fun
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logic system iko erased…
ma fantasy ndo zao hamtaki kuface reality that what your doing ain working and instead of thinking fast you show your insanity by repeating the same card tricks…only this time you are playing alone and everyone is agaisnt yall…mna loose focus mbaya na target range yenu mko nje


“We believe in a united Kenya. We do not support secession,” said Mr Odinga. “But you have seen the disintegration of countries in eastern Europe. This debate about self-determination is gaining currency as a result of mis-governance. People feel they have been completely disenfranchised.”

Speaking to London’s Financial Times. Hata Ndii amesema he was just joking, he he he he he!

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Toa upus hapa, you could just have said what you wanted to say without lying that a cop told you about this stuff. Anakwambia wewe ni nani? Bure

@FieldMarshal CouchP Early man, so according to you and the officer from Western, the shooting and clobbering is ok, as long as it’s not minors.?

Kweli kenyatalk Ni kikuyutalk.if you can remove your heads from the anuses you are licking and breathe fresh air…bring evidence showing nasa is behind the killings instead of concocting theories yet you have all the intelligence apparatus…kumbafffff.

I thought you were smart, chungwa na ndizi ring a bell to you ? to be a jubilee idiot you need to be brainless i see.