Who else has won money from google?

This morning I have received a scam email allegedly from google, complete with a pdf attachment informing me that I have won KES 149,490,278.79.
Hiitting the reply button to check the source, this is what I saw:

-----Original Message-----
From: Google Corporation® <[email protected]> [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 29. juni 2015 03:00
Subject: Powered by Google


Anybody can send you mail pretending to be from another mail account. All I got to do is to tell my mailer(if I got a mailer like he has) what sender email it is to display.
But the guy has done alot of work and I think he is better off doing something else.

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Ukipata iyo pesa usisahau wanakijiji tafasali.


:D:D:D…Fools gold…never materializes…

Some nigga in nigeria trying his luck.

Why would a senior employee have an Outlook.com acc?

I didnt know google is a betting company.

Ambassador Ndume, send your “details” to them. Lets keep this charade going for a long as possible. It can be the K-talk July Project.

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Now how do you get to win in a lottery that you never took part in???

Yahoo boys at work.

… mwambie amalize ku poop kwa bucket kwanza

hahaha ati Buckingham palace… kwani who is dumb enough to believe that