Who else experiences this? @deorro njòo kias

Do you people keep maintaining the website? This is the umpteenth time I can see this. Let me say, even creating this thread is a trouble.

Stima ilikuwa imepotea kwa server room.

Back to normal.

Relax boss,back to normalcy.

Eclipse of ktalk. Imepita sasa.

yeah experienced it around 15 min ago

Hamieni kenyaspot Jigranny anapeana KSL

Dont be that idle fucker…ktalk aint life

Watumie torch!

this message is directed to @sludgist

Naona mkundu wa kuwasha shoga ii

Hurricane Meria imeangusha server moja huko FL but tumeswitch on ingine

[SIZE=1]google indexing[/SIZE]

Tell em

Concurred, am finding myself participating less and less nowadays and missing nothing.

Server ilikuwa inarender latest post ya @GeorginaMakena ikahang

Thought imefungwa, Kenyalist ilikufa in the same style

Just a minor issue with the server but it was resolved quick. The matter is being looked into to avoid a repeat in the future. No cause for alarm

mtu wa turedio amekanyaga wire

@Mundu Mulosi alispill chai kwa server kimaksudi

He he he, I thought we all agreed on this matter. Tena unanianika?