Who Does EU / US / China Want To Be Kenya's Next President

Like it or not these mofos have a lot of influence in Africa. They own at least 90% of Kenya’s economy. from the look of things who do you think they support.


i doubt they care who will win , kenya isnt significant enough on the world arena

Don’t be fooled.

Kenya is very strategic to those 3 World powers. You can tell by the number of International organizations headquartered in Kenya starting with the UN

I’m no bandwagon dickrider.

The Cold War is over, at least when it comes to afrika. We are not in the seventies or eighties. Their priorities are now elsewhere. We make our own beds and we must lie in them without kupiga kelele mingi. We elect these clowns into office and when they fail and humiliate us we want to point fingers.

China wants a military base in Kwale to match US (Manda Bay) and Ukistan (BATUK). Sijui wamefika wapi kwa negotiations

They give little shit who wins. They must tow the line regardless.

Chinaman came knocking but alipewa middle finger …

Waah, Earth is hard :D:D:D. Niliona Djibouti waliwapea some small portion yenye iko kitu 100 miles from the US one.

Well the Americans have us by the balls proper. They have operational control over some of the most specialized units in the military, paramilitary and police. Meaning this units take orders and report back to their American handler’s. Basically they can get rid of any government that tries pulling out a stance that would hurt their interests. Welcome to neocolonialism bro …

That’s imagined assumption that Kenya bonobos have. Kenya is so insignificant in these countries. It’s like the way we view Lesotho . Nothing you offer to international community.

The Mofos will definitely support somebody who will protect their interest. Who do you think can listen and abide by Mofos laws? Answer: Ruto, Mofos are thieves just like Ruto

They have placed a double chance bet; 1 or 2. They win either way.


Note that the first place GOK ran to for a bailout wasn’t Beijing. It was Washington.

The west has always supported baba.