who claims you



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You are thinking too hard

wazi wazi

Let no religion/belief threaten or comfort you. There is simply no afterlife…No evidence. Let anyone who claims something provide at least logical evidence to prove the claim, else everyone will be allowed to claim anything. Just because humans fear death/unknown is no reason to make up a convenience of afterlife. We go where cows and goats go after we kill and eat them…we arent the kindest or any special.

Let me go into a diatribe against religions: People have mystified diseases, war, disasters, stars, the moon, the sun, and everything else for millenia. People in grief have sacrified and cried to invisible beings. In recent times, some individuals noticed “:cool:… that shit dont work B” and turned to the scientific method. In about 2500 years we have Technology, Ethics, Philosophy, penicilin and its variants. Kitambo diseases like syphilis and others were “:(…god made them mad because they always DFKM other people’s women”. Until some niggers got their shit together wakaokoa we the sheeple the far they have been able to.

What have gods and other deities sheeple cry to done for them or any other living thing? Nothing, but men and women have done every single improvement you see here to fit in nature. Someone at MIT did not sleep for days na labda ako na bp because hakulala akijaribu kufikiria how 1 and 0 or off/on can be turned into text so that sheeple like we can rant here. Everyone making money on the interwebs should not thank deities…Thank Tim Berners Lee for sharing software he creates in his sparetime. And every nyga or B**tch who rides on automobile should thank some German for spending a lifetime figuring out how to improve chariots and horses that angels and fiery deities ride(Some books talk abt fiery chariots and swords…We got rockets and kalashnikovs these days)