Who can confirm/verify this about public intellectual numero uno?


@sani and @SaltyLight, is this letter legit ?

wacheni kucomment kila kitu mnaona online. mtakuwa embarrassed

That’s why i asked

The letter is GENUINE. The fox in sheepskin has been unmasked. Arrrorrr should be in jail.

Sielewagi kizungu ngumu kama hii…nani anaweza water it down to my level

Amesema chambaz ni mwisi, conman and corrupt and should never be allowed anywhere near SH.

David ndii would be militant in his words ,… this sounds like Njaruo jeuri handwriting,

Our political class is alike in the two attributes Ndii opines…some more than others.

Ye having a giggle there lad?

It is an Ojinga who wrote it. Probably the same who writes in the Kenya-post. Ojingaism is a curse