who betrayed who

A couple (say A and B) decided to commit suicide after a rough life. They decided to jump off a building. When they got to the top, they both counted to three. A jumped, but B stayed. B watched A drop for about 8 seconds and then saw a parachute open. Who betrayed whom?

you have been waiting all this time to post this one or a new village altogether. Boss nkiona hii kitu hukua umemea fudhi.

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Unanitafuta…na utanipata.

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A was just smart enaf not to trust B


Naona pia wewe unaeza ongea…umetoa mkia katikati ya miguu…niliacha kama uko mafichoni.

Pamba kazi ni kulike vitu tu hapa nyoka hii. Comment ata kama ni fullstop

B betrayed A

The two shouldnt be doing anything together. They dont have the slightest trust for each other. lakini A ni mkali na hio tech yake. imagine expresion ya B when A jumped and when the parachute opened.