Who are you not to forgive?

Kyrgitt’s post

So everyone is talking about how much of a dictator Moi was. For the record, given the same circumstances he was faced with, I’d do the same if not worse. I’d probably be like Amin; eat your livers.


Moi was a reluctant Vice President.

In 1976, tribal and ethnocentric politicians and busy bodies, call them the Kieleweke of that time, plotted to change the constitution to stop him from being President when Jomo died. Mark you, this was 2 years before Jomo Kenyatta passed on.

It was so sad that Jomo through the AG Njonjo decreed that imagining the President’s death was treason.

What had Moi done to deserve such disregard? At that time, he was still a very obedient VP.
So Obedient he was that cabinet meetings were normally held in Kikuyu language and he’d stomach it till the end. Jomo Kenyatta used to asure him that he didn’t need to worry about the Maina Kamanda’s of that time since he was the one who appointed him and trusted him.

Jomo Kenyatta had three big problems.

  1. His family was divided and his inlaws worked with Mau Mau veterans to discredit his authority. His marriage to young Ngina was also a point of discord especially to those who wanted to inherit his property.

  2. The Mau Mau veterans and other resistance activists from central Kenya considered him a sell out. Kenyatta would not have survived a popularity vote had the concept of free and fair elective politics been a thing back then.

  3. The Luo had always believed then, as they do now, that they were intellectually superior than any other Kenyan and had problems with Kenyatta or any Kikuyu leading Kenya. The Migunas and Orengos of that time saw us all as dimwitted zombies unqualified and unable. This posed great discomfiture to Jomo’s rule.

When Jomo passed away in Mombasa… Moi took over his seat amidst anxiety pf possible assassination from either the anti Kenyatta Kikuyus or the Luos. They didn’t have a problem with Moi, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Heh! If only they knew who his Chumo ageset set him out to be and the oaths he took for Jomo.

Anyway, in humility, Moi took over leadership and proclaimed that he would Fuata Nyayo za Mzee Kenyatta. In every way. He even adopted Kenyatta’s entire tribal government and cabinet.

The same hyenas led by the Junets and sifunas of that time, though the kikuyu version, were very uncomfortable with the arraangement. Mark you, Moi had done nothing wrong, or right, he was just a carrtaker President.

The kikuyu mafia plotted and hatched a plan. Do you remember the way Kiambu mafia plotted to make Ruto and Raila fight over Mau forest? The way Kibaki made Raila incharge of the forest regeneration comittee?

The minister for lands was James Orengo. He found land to resettle the Mau squatters who had been sold to the land by government officials anyway.

Uhuru was the Minister for Finance. He never funded the resettlement plan.

Michuki was the Minister for Internal security. He sent cops to burn the people’s houses.

Raila took the blame. Ruto left him.

Kiambu Mafia won. They had separated the two.

Similarly, the same mafia types knew that the Luos were restless and erratic. With enough resources, they could overrun a government and Moi was an easy target.

The mafia worked with Jaramogi, by telling him they’d support him to be President if they could remove Moi by the gun.

Moi hadn’t done anything wrong.

But they wanted to kill him.

The coup attempt happened. All indian shops were looted and women were openly raped in the streets by drunk air force soldiers. Pro coup youth from the university created anarchy in the streets and all policemen were ordered to be civilians.

The plan had been to bomb Statehouse, KICC, Kabarak, and other important installations using aircrafts.

The stupid coup criminals were overrun few hours later by forces loyal to Moi.

Moi knew his life and his tenure wasn’t secure with trying to be a pacifist. He knew he had to be a moran for him to survive.

He changed his government.

He clamped down on dissent.

He replaced all Kenyatta’s people with his own semi literate loyalists.

He had reason to be paranoid about scholars… because the likes of Ndii and Ngunyi of that time are the ones who fed the ideas to intellectually challenged operatives.

At first Moi went for the Luo leadership, but thwn he soon realised his real enemy had been the enemies he had since he was Vice President.

If a venomous snake slithered into your home, decapitate it, because even an injured snake is still dangerous.

Moi had already been proven to that being peaceful and timid was a healthrisk.

Everyone has an elasticity point.

To surpess and eliminate clear and present danger. It takes so much patience to get to the elasticity point, but when the lives of the people are at risk, one has to do all in his absolute power to rpotect and preserve. At all cost.

The mafias and ragtags seemed not interested in the rule of the law and the constitution, so the rule of the jungle took precedence. And when it comes to the jungle, the jungle has its own predators, a toothed shark is nothing but a flapping fish on the ground.

You chose the rules of the game, we play by it. simple.

Ps~ In a twist of fate, all that Moi did in his dictatorship is validated by those who caused the dictatorship. And anyway, Baba Agwambo and Mama Ida forgave Chepkeres, who are you to catch feelings?

I am for ruto presidency lakini hii ni takataka umeandika. eti kikuyu na luo ni wabaya lakini kalenjin is full of saints?

It’s the three tribes war all over again, the Kalenjin had a shot at being inside the government by virtue of the Luo over reaching.
Same $hit, different day

Its true… before the attempted coup, Moi was actually very “humane” but after that he changed and if it were me, i would do the same. I would crush anyone coming my way, if worse comes to worse!!!

It is this nature that when he decided to cede power, he did publicly, since at some corner f his heart, he wanted to do what is right.

Furthermore, as he ended his years in power, i remember litsening to his speech, where he said, “kama kuna mtu nimekosea, nisamehe” I remember my father (a church man), asked us if we heard that, and there and then told us that is a miracle. (Coming from a sitting president, humbly asking for forgiveness, is a big miracle). Even without the media replaying the clip as often as they have been doing over the years, i still remember that moment and being a small kid then, it dawned on me, that forgiveness is important in any person’s life and more so if you are a leader.


You apologize by making amends and returning grabbed land, not with words.