White widow amejua hajui

The elusive white widow aka Sally Jones who was the world’s most wanted female terrorist alimalizwa na hessy wa US

The fugitive jihadi, who was once a punk rock singer, was killed in June in a US strike close to the border between Syria and Iraq.

For more than three years Jones has been the world’s most wanted female terrorist.

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Hata pic we wank on her bloody corpse.

link tafadhali and backed with a pictorial efidence…

Sii hii mtu ilimalizwa kitambo na movie ikatolewa?

Ama “Eye in The Sky” Movie is based on what?




an old documentary on her


The original white widow was Samantha Lewathite. Huyu anaitwa Sally Jones. The media is confusing me regional manager style

Samantha Lethwaite has numerous aliases, it may be the one. She was at one time even called Natalie Faye complete with fake passports

They said the same about ISIS leader, El-Baghdad, yet he is still alive

I remember the raid in Mombasa when she was about to be caught. A mole leaked to her that kunakujwo.
She left in such a hurry and even left cash and all her belongings. That’s how they got her passport.
It was a close call. (Samantha, not Sally).

Kwani ulikuwa umemkamua CID?

wouldn’t risk. what are the chances of an IED having been laid in the glory hole :smiley:

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Russian killed him

having a blast perhaps… .

si alikua anaitwa Samantha Lewthwaite? A very beauriful Jihadi ghel . Huyu sally Jones ni nani. anyhu wapi effidence.

:D:D fisked. Ni muhimu kutaja the executioner in detail. Alifanywa kama hawa…