White space

Please reduce the size of the avatars and consequently the white space between subsequent comments. Some of us are lazy scrolling down.

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I think some things you just need to get used to

Everything will look cluttered. Iko poa IMHO.

An up/down or previous/next or old/new post option like in klost would be great.


Web design is a precise art. Try messing with the design and everything goes crazy.

I second you @admin tuwekee hii tafasari

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Hiyo ya up/down niliagiza kitambo, nasubiri. A button which, when you’re at the bottom of the page, you click and it takes you directly to the top of the page.

Reforms huku zitaanza kuhitaji saba saba ama maandamano


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haha eeeh admin ameanza mashuksha ana demands zimekua mob?!


kuweni wapole. noted