White People Can Get Away With Anything

If these had been black protestors, a few would have been shot dead by police. There would be several influential people praising the police for “maintaining law and order”. Some talkers would put up thread after thread talking about how they deserved it for their bonobo behaviour. If you’re a white person, anything you do can be justified. Anyway, these radical Trump supporters keep making things worse for him.



Nyinyi mkichoma police station na maduka last year did you make things worse for Biden?

Kweli nyani haoni kundule.



The media is calling them mobs and even that term had to be agreed upon before they started using it. There would be no cue on the use of the word terrorists if it was another group other than this one. There are even videos circulating of some cops taking selfies and even helping protesters. Why would they need to break anything if they already have a free pass to whatever they want? I listened to BLM protesters saying they didn’t want any special treatment, just the same treatment as this group is accorded. Now I understand what they were on about…

In America, the black man always gets the short end of the stick. Live your life knowing that!!

They just stole and won the election for Biden in Georgia and Pennsylvania how is that getting the short end of the stick?

Munaogopa whites, even blacks steal and kill and get away with it. Wacha hii kitu ya kusifu mzungu you son of a slave

it’s not just in America, but Wolrd over.