White Christians Create Racist Facebook Group Against Little Black Mermaid


White Christians Create Racist Facebook Group Against Little Black Mermaid

Racism doesn’t change the fact Christ is a Negro
Everybody deal with it.


Why do black folk have to copy white people. Everyone in their right mind knows that the little mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, sleeping beauty, Rapunzel, snow white were white. We have many African mythical beings, a similar one to the little mermaid is Mami Water. Why not make movies about such? We have Luada Magere. We have mythical stories about creation from every tribe.

White people will not hand over their privilege to black ones on a silver plater, anymore than men will hand over their privilege to women. All you can do is create a parallel privilege with your area of strengths. That’s what Oprah and Martha Stewart did. Mambo ya ku shindana na mtu ako na inate societal privilege will just bring animosity. You can see how much Christian men hate feminists. That is how life is young man. If you want white privilege, get a white wife and tell your kids to marry white, after a generation or two they will pass for white. If you can’t do that then leave white people movie characters alone.

Hapa upewe utamu ka utakubali. You are right. Why jipendekeza kwa folklore ya wenyewe when we have ours?

If you reasoned like this when sober your ancestors would forgive your past transsgressions

Take personal responsibility for Africans who sold their fellow Africans to Arabs and Europeans. This victim narrative is pathetic to say the least. FYI there were white slaves too. In the US soma history vizuri. On top of that Black freed slaves had slaves too. One sided blame game is a lie to paint black folk as innocent bystanders who were victims when they were very much involved in the slave trade and colonialism.

My ancestors are just human like me, they are not God to forgive me. Your problem with your friends @miritiandes and @Agwambo is that your IQ is too low to understand even basic concepts which I air here.

@miritiandes himself acknowledged that he was treated well by white folk than black folk. So why does he get butt hurt when I say that I am having kids with junguus only? I mean he acknowledges that junguus are better people but yet he wants black women not to have their children. Of course he is tetearing his own but he himself acknowledged that nothing good comes from his black associates. Which is what I keep saying here, nothing good will come out of our women having kids with black men.

I am brave enough to say it unlike him. I keep telling y’all that we need white folk more than they need us and that’s why 60 plus years after mzungu left we are still running to their countries to make a living.

I reason the same any day of the week, its just you who is in denial about reality and facts about life. @miritiandes is bitter with me bcz I tell him a truth he knows but refuses to acknowledge except in rare moments of candor, he himself admitted that junguus have been better to him than his own fellow chimpanzees.

As for @Agwambo instead of being serious as a family man he is hoping from one bed bug ridden student hostel to another instead of leaving uroda to men who can afford man caves like Kisumu boys. Promiscuity is a domain of wealthy men, the rest should spend that energy on building empires for their kids.

No matter how much you stalk me, insult me, get mad at me, I always state the unpopular facts that most people are too afraid to state. Once you put down preconceived notions and think critically for yourself life becomes a whole lot better.

You can’t force a junguu to see you as an equal. You speak his language, wear his clothes and even use his money as the measure of your currency then say that you are equal.

I can’t force men to be faithful and not infect women with AIDS due to their philandering ways and I will not advocate for women to sacrifice their health and sanity to stay with men who are irresponsible and heartless. If they want kids junguus can give them better kids and also be a means of the women bypassing men and their drama. You don’t have to suffer to be a mother. Millions of men are willing to give you white babies that clearly will put off black men. All that energy that women spend living a lie in toxic relationshits can be spent being better moms and taking care of their children.

That’s the reality upende usipende. When I go to see my doctor I find plenty of black young women who want to be inseminated with the white man’s seed. Its obvious that they are realizing that black men are a scam early in life. They are not going through girlfriend, wife and then divorcee to understand that it’s all a scam. They are learning from other people.

Everyone I dated always told me that I was very motherly and that they thought that we would have kids and get married. After awhile a few understood that I didn’t want marriage bcz very few marriages I knew were doing well. I had the presence of mind to unlearn societal brainwashing to chart my own life. Many other women are also waking up to that reality. Much earlier in life. I usually say that I spent my youth traveling and living in different cultures instead of on men or a man. Those of my peers who got married after fourth form and college are now divorced single Moms. They did not get to travel and see the world. To find themselves and define themselves. I have enjoyed my life and I always say that should God call me I will thank Him for not allowing me to be bogged down by men but to enjoy my life to the max. Now God willing its time to go to the next level and by God’s grace I will give it my all and my kids will really enjoy their childhood bcz I won’t be fighting a man in the name of a husband who is busy frustrating me as I often see with my married friends instead of focusing on my kids and myself .

The conventional route isn’t the only or best route for everyone. Everyone must chart their own course in life. Copying what other people are doing might not end up being the best option for you. God gives us all choices for a reason. To make the best of what we have.

you barely know any history.… if you can’t quote any historian , nyamaza tu , humble yourself and learn something…

the eurasians (europeans + asian / arabs and caucasians) you adore did not just get flooded by slaves vile tu walifika west africa… every comminity resisted them at first … when they got subdued through tricks , religeous brainwashing or conquest ndio agreements were made for slaves… the africans had no other option… pia usisahau , the invaders studied negroes to exploit rivalries…




Those are not true Christians. There’s a movement going on in the US where there’s a real effort to tarnish the name of Christ believers, in preparation for eventual persecution. They call them MAGA Republicans or evangelicals or Trump Republicans. Real Christians do not care about this world. They love everyone equally, they do not succumb to racist impulses or racial indoctrination that some races are better than others, that’s a lie from Satan. There is no room for that in Christianity! I would not be surprised if this Facebook page was being run by liberals. Remember Jussie Smollet? Don’t believe everything you read online. Cc @Joka Jomino

Kapoti umerudia your low level meru IQ kama kawa i dont stalk you but i will definitely insult the madness out of you without any fucks given…your jungu ass licking is on another level only a pscho-something could have…so wewe na ujinga yako you thot supporting and voting for baba would cure the problems of joblessness unfair salaries infact peanuts paid to the youth…with babas henchmen like atwoli wakiwa apo wanakulishwa hongo na panjeeb…alafu unasema youth wanahepa Kenya in droves…we ni mbwa taka taka ghaseer nyonya wazungu matako uko kwenyu meru

Those are true Christians, @Purple. And they hate your black ass.

You are simply shifting the blame on blacks to avoid answering the question addressed by going Off Topic
There are already topics about this mermaid, but this particular topic is about [SIZE=4]White Christians Create Racist Facebook Group.
Did you notice that this topic was opened in the Religious section of the forum?
The question remain. Do you agree with White Christians creating racist groups on Facebook?[/SIZE]

I don’t agree with them any more than I agree to Christian males thinking that they are superior to women bcz of their gender but it is what it is, my disagreement won’t change anything. So I just stay out of their way. Same thing you should do Mr. Hottep Kinta Kunte. This is a white man’s world nigga. Get used to it. Work around it. Christianity has never changed biases that’s why most pastors are male. When they will be 50/50 come and tell me how blacks should be equal to whites. Stop living in your own world Mr. Hottep.

A white man’s world? really? when whites are in minority on the planet and the numbers of white people declining very rapidly?
Check the official statistics on the worldwide dwindling of white population and deal with facts not beliefs

The pyramid shows that the top needs the least numbers bruh. You need to take a reality pill and stop being brainwashed by hottep mentality. The colonialists were few but they colonialised the majority of blacks. One dog can shepherd a large group of sheep. Don’t you know that the world’s economy is controlled by less than 400 people? All white? Billions of people. You need to wake up and smell the coffee coz you are in a deep sleep.

All scientists agree and all statistics show that white people are in irreversible decline and are going extinct.
You cannot rule when you are extinct, and this is a scientific fact, like it or not

OK hottep Einstein. Keep dreaming.

I looked up a country in Western Africa called Nigger. Dont know if its Niger or Nigger, but apparently that’s exactly where they sourced niggas.

Keep denying the scientists Facts
Facts don’t care about your feelings