White Bitch

yaani it just had to be a mzungu to bring out this gay rights shit…

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Yeah, it had to be. Uhush has made it clear it’s a non-issue.

WTF are you on about?

Obama had kept off the issue on gay rights while giving his speech at state house then a fuckin mzungu journalist brought the issue up during question time.

And @Wakanyama had a field day

Ohh, missed the whole Address.

Arap Samoei na ukristo wake alikuwa?

Kamwana already said no to akina @Wakanyama and @Njamba Huthu

i would rather die than to be a faggot



Its like it was stage managed.Obama deliberately keeping off the thorny gay issue during his main speech then the white dude (pressman)… Bang!!Vomits it! Is it a coincidence or a smart move???

Uncle Bob(wa Zimbabwe) angekua karibu asukume that journalist Mavi karibu na roho…

denial is a bad thing

Tell him

This was one issue that was bound to come up. I like how PORK has handled the issue so far. There is a lot more that needs the attention of the country’s leadership and the country should not lose sight of those important agendas and start debating about mundane things that have no consequence to wanjiku at this point.

The only homo ni webdev

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