whisky budget.

Of late I’ve noted that inflation is having some effect on my pockets (negative) and that doesn’t seem to dissuade my liver from taking another bout with distilled alcoholic substance, whiskey preferred.
Taking that consideration, I would appreciate if there happens to a villager privy to the online writing business to feel obliged to teach / guide me to the strings about that endavour .
Asande and would appreciate a lot if you advocate for every one to have their own distillery.

Everyone to have their own distillery…Everyone to have their own distillery…Everyone to have their own distillery!! SIRIKARI! SIRIKARI TAFATHARI

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Hata pia hii munataka dakitari asaidie jameni?

daktari asaidie na the process of setting up a distillery

Idiot definition, shughulika na bei ya tap tap.nitwit!!!

the last time niliskia hiyo jina…naona wewe ni old school kama mimi…KUNYI WEWE

Acheni diambo.

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Ha ha I guess your engagement in tab abuse must have construed your pea size brain to even concote we sharing an age bracket.
In our times mikia kama wewe ilikuwa imeshiba c kama wewe. To be classified someone got to say clothed bones.kichwa kama nzige.

heheh usibonge kama dwanzi…behave your age ama niambie @uwesmake akumange turi

Ha whaaat,hapa hata uwes hawesmake

Who the Hell is @klevgit ?? Who were you in klost and how the hell did you even become a villager here? Nyinyi ndo wale mlikuwa lonely bored ktalk sorry asses posting and commenting and liking their own shit(no wonder you are a villager now, i can imagine the monologues) until klost orphans found this site. @junkie @Fala 12 @Supu don @kyuktothecore please help me figure out who is this wanker?? Na vile ako na bile…Now his short D*ck syndrome has suddenly gotten an errection with new villagers


Haha na wewe punda pepo how do you happen to be so aggravated,rudi kwa bibi uchapwe tena. Hapa hatuna nyafasi minyama haina uhakika na mikia zao.

Wah! mujamaa kujia hii kijana polepole tafasali

Hint,ni kalenjin hivi hivi wa klost.

Pamba it seems your owl and night running associates don’t seem to keep up at night.
As of the curiosity of the bitch ni**a above my hundle in klost was as is here. Just managed to happen across the site last week.
Asande sana.

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:D:D Danganya Maasai… Last week and you already a Villager? KWani ulisort admin mcoondoo? Or ever since you been posting, commenting, liking and deleting shit

Unawashwa na nini? Makende ya nyoka!!


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kuna zingine zinaitwa boogy down, mambo mbaya