While I was away.....

I heard someone mention my name and that of Boniface. Now, that story was hekaya, so nobody should use it to label me homo.

I also heard that our very own @FieldMarshal CouchP has been ejaculating rusty cum and shitting grey poop. Pole boss, that is what is called old age.

Am also told that some bishes in Nyiri have been vandalizing their men’s transformers. That is gold- those men deserve it. What is the purpose of a dick anyway if it cant screw a woman? Washa wachinjwo.

Sorry, what was i saying?..

You are GAY in your head

…tigana na bhangi meni…

if the woman really wanted a fuck, its soo easy…

While you were away col kakei opened up
Patrome, the paedophile confessed his sins.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Haha kumbe @pamba amekuwa village elder, tunakula mbuzi wapi omwami

Hehehe, and the ktalk sheeple believed him.

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Wacha nipate ya village guardian ndio ni chinje ka mburi

si hata afadhali angekutafuta na ungemukamua sawa sawa

haha…mimi nakamua mpaka ya nxt year…

@kabuda also made a confession, it terribly backfired and to save face and to let the heat cool off, he created an imaginary transcontinental journey. In his head, he’s now somewhere between the border of France and Spain.



Salamu peleka Mulembe Fm.

So @The_Atheist and @Supu don were away but they resurface at the same time? Hmmmm


Multi-handler of the Year Awardee right here.

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Huyu patrome labda ni admin


Atheist is not Supu. One has a hole while the other has a tree.