Which Laws were Broken and How did it Affect Results

I do not understand this RULING


Human errors, even the next election will still have them. My question is, what Precedence has the court set, on matters elections ?

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The bigger picture is that there is no violence in odm areas and there will be less tension when repeat elections are held. two questions though. one, suppose the ruling went the other way? several rioters would be dead by now. two, will the incumbent president lose the repeat elections?


That’s hard to know until the court’s full ruling is available . But from what i know , Uhuru and Ruto were at no fault , voting was done well , there was no hacking , all forms 34A were accounted for and legit … problems start from forms 34B , fake forms and not signed . The transmission as well , but not sure if at the polling level or how IEBC handled it .


NASA will create an environment where holding elections in the next 60 days will be impossible. Am sure they know they gonna lose, hapa ni mambo na Nisu Mkate


So, in simple terms, the judges chose injustice over riots…Ni sawa tu, wembe ni uleule…

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a dangerous one, they have lowered the threshold, which is not a good thing, I was peculiar when i head the CJ has changed some regulations in the supreme court

Before making such a ruling, there are lots of factors for the court to consider. It Will be interesting to see lawyer explaining this ruling.

I tend to agree this ruling was political. It’s like they wanted to send a ‘message’.
They showed no regard for the letter of the law, and were more interested in the election sideshows like Uhuru threatening some chiefs. I’m sure a big chunk of the ruling will be based on the transmission saga, which has no bearing in law.
For the most part, Form 34Bs were okay.

I’m 100% sure the ruling surprised everyone. Even Raila’s lawyers privately knew they had no chance.

But the ruling is also good in that two months from now, Raila will be exposed for the political con he is. If his loss is once again decisive, he (together with Jimmy) should be made to pay for the cost of running another election.


Brain dead

I am eagerly waiting to know which law was broken and how,it interfered with the General outcome


This is what I’m waiting to hear from Raila, the conditions for the next elections.
I expect

  1. Commission and top secretariat must go
  2. Replace systems and come with new ones
  3. Have U.N, A.U or magufuli over see the elections…
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I thought wametaja apo when reading the verdict, sikua kwa tv, kumbe they have not explained anything

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I see that coming.

You guys said you will accept the ruling of the court. Stop being in denial. Ooooh! maybe you are undergoing the stages involved.



My thoughts, whatever evidence the SC considered must’ve been substantial…like, if the discrepancies couldnt be enough to nullify the win they would’ve reaffirmed it. NASA had nothing substantial in court but the game changer was the view only access to the systems.

Me too

I think those waiting for a detailed ruling will be disappointed

Lenaola, Maraga, Wanjala, Mwilu. Tuongee ukweli, their names betray them. Big up Dr Ojwang, Njoki. We are non-violent people, we the Jubilee supporters respect the ruling, not that we like it but because we believe in the rule of law.

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