Which ktalker do you want to kamua/chunisha sukuma

For me it would be @digi and @Panyaste not forgettin @Purple

For me its you

ghasier…tucker tucker…uliacha kumwaga within 5 seconds?

He he he he, I am outa here!

Gayyyyyyyyy :meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:untag me Ghaseer!

kuna ninja inadai kukudry fry mcoondle maze

The Game of Butts Episode Two. Keep is here for more

I’m sure i’ll last longer inside your tight ass…bring it babe…

Why don’t you find out yourselefu?

Hio line up yenu bila @Kimakia is fake

Hey hey mimi huchunishana…am always the male…never gonna be the dump hole never ever

I always wonder how it would look like chunishaing you sukuma,seeing only one overgrown long ball sack swaying from side to side,back and forth from the rhythmic motion of my loin.



Gayyyyy activist in ktalk

No am not

Omba mcoosh pole pole

Kang’ura…Uyu ni wana,

Hii thread ni chafu mno @Kimakia and @Kawama should be banned from this forum

we kwenda na uko