Which IT certifications do you think are worth it in Kenya? Is CCNA good for career prospects?

Your opinion?

My opinion is this… Be mono path person in IT… Eg.
[li]Take a security path or a[/li][li]network path or a[/li][li]servers path or a[/li][li]management path or a[/li][li]customer support path or[/li][li]programmer path OR[/li][li]Any other path (AND CLOSE EYES AND EARS TO ALL OTHER PATHS).[/li][/ol]
. After taking a path, do everything in that path and don’t deviate . Do it to the highest level and dont deviate. you will not go wrong trust me you will be so okay others will change their path thinking its your path that is the best yet its your dedication to it that is the key.

I rest my case.

certifications are for employees… with the right skills people look for you

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How do you get skills without certifications? Who will trust you have the skills?

build a portfolio showcasing your previous work… very few look at certificates these days

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The age of certifications making the difference are long gone. Nowadays, arm yourself with a CS degree and a healthy amount of self-teaching. @MarkMarco also gave some golden advice of sticking to one path mpaka ukuwe the go-to guy for that path. Kuna huyu jamaa anaitwa Bright Gameli who has really hammered on that cyber security path and is now a highly sought after expert.

Good advice, but it’s always great to take a wider path because sometimes it’s extremely difficult to perform well in one path if you don’t know other areas. I’ll briefly share my experience (I’ve previously shared in other threads). I’m in security (which, by itself, is extremely broad, just like any other IT field). There’s absolutely no way you can succeed in security without prior (mid to advanced) networking knowledge which would include server management, routing, firewalls etc. In addition, you need a basic understanding of programming (or, at least unix/linux scripting). Software development is also top-money skill when combined with security.
I’m not, in any way, implying that it’s impossible to succeed, but it’s always an added advantage if you’re able to broaden your path (i.e. build a firm foundation). Back to security- right now it’s very difficult to get an “entry-level position” in the field without prior experience in other areas listed above.
I’ve just shared my personal experience, and it’s possible that someone else has taken a different approach and succeeded. All the best.

@Sovereign2 l find your advice solid. Am also in lT am a network expert but am interested in security aspects. How did you get Started in IT security…

Why don’t you get some tips from @Mwanaume Pochi, he’s in IT and he makes circa 100K a week doing whatever he does.

Laptop repair?

I probably should have clarified that I’m in a different part of the world, but I still think that my advice would still be applicable in Kenya.
How did I get started? That’s a tough question to answer. It’s always easier if you know people in the field- I’ve personally developed a network with a few people I’ve previously worked/schooled with, some of them as long as 15 years ago (or even longer). The other way to get started is by joining online forums (many of them on FB and LinkedIn). I also looked at various job postings to get an idea of the specific skills that most employers were seeking (on average). I believe that I’ve shared my experience in the village before, and I’ll search through my old listings in the next day or so, then send you the links.