Which is your best moment/s in football/football matches?

This is mine…



great moments…uplifting

I really don’t know my best moment but my worst was this. World Cup 2010 when Asamoah Gyan lost a penalty. I cried.


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the bolo hozizonte massacre Brazil 1-7germany

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Cant say more…[ATTACH=full]13556[/ATTACH]

My worst moment was when Arsenal lost the UEFA Champions League in 2005 I cried and when my mum saw this she bust out laughing; I didn’t talk to her for a week… I imagine the best moment for a football fan would be when City won the league two seasons ago it was very dramatic… As an Arsenal fan I would imagine that the best moment would have been the Game against Reading when we comeback from 4 goals down but I missed the match I was in scholl… My best moment is during every Arsenal’s game, my heart beats for the whole 90 mins and when we score I am the loudest in the club…COYG!!


looks like someone missed his spelling classes when in scholl

That night I was at Kagina’s buru buru sitting in the middle of arsenal and man-u fans. Biscuits scored they cheered madly, I’m sitted there tail between my legs. Then Iniesther and I wished that seat would swallow me, Captain Fantastic red and then Cahill’s injury and the others were shouting “Chelsea kwisha!!!”

No real centerback by trade and a man down against arguably the best team the world has seen

That Ramires chip made everyone clap, be it hater or supporter. Then some other drunk Chelsea fans walks in and sits there and now I had moral support.

Then Drogba trips someone and the whole bar is baying for blue blood. That crossbar saved the day but the best moment was seeing Torres run towards goal with no defender ahead of him. Only two Chelsea fans standing in a bar egging torres on. I hugged a complete stranger that day, bought him several bottles I’m not even sure he made it home.

This has to be the greatest UCL match ever.




You can relive the moment kama haukuwatch. Saka kwa net.

This was painful!!! I felt like shooting someone!!


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One of the best moments in my life! Was at Nairobi West taking one two for the road(…sorry,for the field).
All odds were against Chelsea, and Bayern were being buoyed by their noisy fans who were chanting, ‘Our team, Our Stadium, Our trophy!’.
But they forgot that the footballing gods were with Chelsea.
When Bayern scored late on, I thought all was over.
But before I could pee the mounting frustrations out, a bullet header by ‘the top Drog’ whizzed past Neur courtesy of Mata’s free kick!
To be honest I had to see the replay again and again to believe it had gone in.
I cant express the feeling when ‘The Big Ears’ was finally lifted by Chelsea.
Felt like rolling over,spanking some bitch,eating up pussy literally,punching a motherfucker…(mixed emotions)
I remember later on to have peeped through the window and seen another Chelsea fanatic running down Tom Mboya street shirtless and screaming his head off ‘Tumeshinda motherfuckers!’ in raging rain at about 2 AM.
By then I was being rewarded by a wonderful lay.
I celebrated the whole night with a great fcuk.
It was a big Momma whom at every fcuk I equated it with how Chelsea had fcuked up Bayern’s Champion’ league dreams.
Talk of double reward!


I went to the same bar, Kagina’s, for the final and they had put radio jambo on the loud speakers. All I remember hearing was “goooooaaaaaalllll, kichwa kama tekeeee!!!”

It was in 2006. I remember that game very well we were playing against Barcelona which had Ronaldinho, Etoo and kina Deco. We played for the better part of 90 mins with 10 players after Lehmann had been sent off mpaka towards the end when Larsson aliingizwa akageuza mambo.

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hapa naona tu chelsea fans consoling themselves hmmm

kwani iko shida watu wakijipa moyo?

Nilipata the highlights pekee but io game ya Chelsea was something to remember

lemme just laugh at them HAHAHAHA

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