Which is better

Guys, which is better between the two building in shagz.

Considering cost wise etc[ATTACH=full]344500[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]344501[/ATTACH]


When you are building your house, don’t let cost be the core factor. Jenga pole pole, toa kitu hatuwezi amini ni yako

That said, why would you even consider the second one? That type of building is what wazazi wetu have been building

Yesterday a certain mzee told me the same

But I’m being told number 2 is the way to life … but my heart desires something like number 1

Stupid old boring design… build number one but let it look like a villa

Then let it have a white exterior

Huwezi jenga ghorofa ocha.

I’ve lived with a white exterior interior. Overrated and inachoma macho sana. What works in Europe where it’s dark and cold doesn’t necessarily work here. Earthtones for houses are where it’s at.

Second one. Its simple and neat, plus sustainable. ukizeeka you won’t need going upstairs. Another thing with the maisonettes of which most people don’t mention is service cost that comes with it(general repairs, cleaning, electric bills etc). But do you.

  1. If you want to stand out
  2. if you want to blend in.

Depends where you shagz is located. I would recommend 1 for the central region shags where land is scarce and people have developed generally. No. 2is conservative and good for those interior places where your family will not have to attract unnecessary attention from the villagers.

Depends how many times unalala kwa hio nyumba?


It doesn’t matter as long as ni yangu ntaachia my generation

I might choose to go with this design [ATTACH=full]344504[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]344505[/ATTACH]

space iko, hewa safi iko,

No 1 is a challenge for mobility especially in old age. Though you can install mobility aids such as elevators or stair lifts.

What was the point of coming here to ask for elder’s opinion na ulikua usha decide ?

Pesa inasumbua yeye.

The same way pesa huwa inakusumbua sometimes hadi hatupumui.