Which is a good first car

Hey guys. I’m new here. I’m wondering which is a good first car that is fuel efficient and with a nice legroom? At first, I was thinking of Premacy but I’m scared that its fuel consumption may be high. Then I thought of Honda Freed. My wife doesn’t like how Sienta looks. Please advice. It can be a 5 seater or 7 seater.

Toyota Fiunda. The ultimate car for Kenyan middle class. Ama ununue premio kama unataka saloon car. Or buy Voxy since it’s spacious for family.

nunua ractis , premio na izo jalopy zingine …uki learn poa how to drive get urself a volvo xc60 and enjoy life polepole!!

I agree. Aanze na a cheap vehicle, akijua mambo ya gari na shida sale aingie kiwango cha European beasts.

Voxy is too big. I was hoping for a small 7 seater. But a spacious 5 seater is good. Not a big fan of saloon cars.

Wacheni upus.

Toyota axio, Toyota allion.

New at 2.3Million used at 700k

Great vehicle

Brother ile vw ya uhuru locally assembled ni how much tena, isn’t it better than spending 2.3m on an ex japan?
Legroom tu ndio issue…

Ongeza Nissan note to the list given above…

Endea Ractis/Vits kama ni wewe tuu na pipi, but for Family and on a fuel worry i recommend Toyota Funda ama Axio

How is Honda Fit Shuttle? I have been Googling a lot lately and noticed Honda fit is good in fuel consumption. And Shuttle uses Honda Fit’s Engine but a bit spacious.

Hiyo itakuchoma

Utaoshwa nani. If you let Google confuse you

Tafuta Ipsum original model. Very good 7 seater

That’s why I came here to get real help from real car users.

Nunua Toyota 100 ama 110 ukimaster roadi poa ndio upgrade. Hii chuma ni cheap kumaintain.

Hizi ni gari gani munaogererea?

Wee nunua gari kesi baadae ukiulizia sana you will get confused but gari watu wamakataa pia we kataa

For leg room you have to go with midsize saloon, long wheel base wagon, or large SUV. small SUVs, Small seven seaters, and a small five seater wagons, and small saloons usually have less than comfortable space. spacious seven seater vehicle is not going to be too economical regardless of the model. you just have to give up something.

Am not an expert in vehicles but hii usinunue. It was in the infamous list ya vehicles “banned” by a certain insurance company for unavailability of spares. Na ukweli…naona KC something going for as little as 300k.

Ipsum is 2000cc plus