Which car to buy: Premio, MarkX, or Legacy zote 2011

Hi, am new here. Need some advize. My budget is 1.5M I need one of the three cars above, what are the advantages or disadvantages of each?

Mazda Carol


unataka kiti kwanza ama jibu?

Premio, all the time



Legacy atleast but always do:


… Or Mazda Demio

How are you to get sound advice if you don’t mention what the car is for? Drive to job or work? Urban or rural drive? How many passengers? Any cargo to be carried?

mbona premio inakuanga na bei hivo?


Upuzz tu …haina maana


rakel, first things first… this channel is not facebook, u have all the calibres of human beings here. coz I think that’s ya real profile pic …
moving forward, if this is your first car, go for the premio, it will give u ‘advise’ on cars… mark x and legacy are premium cars and you don’ want issues with mathrees and gari za miraa …

Please consider getting a footsubishi. It’s waaaaaay cheaper and the fuel consumption is out of this world!! Let’s not get into maintenance…its a steal!!! Ask our resident makanika @introvert

Tusafishe mecho kwanza ndo tukuitie village mechanic @Extrovert

Hiyo Navara unasifu saidi juzi nimeendesha chicken coop yangu nyuma yake na hakuna mahali inaenda. Moshi tu kama shisha.

navara and most nissans are just a pretty body and nothing else under the hood…

Navara si gari ya job but starehe