where were Mudavadi handlers

Why allow to be filmed when drunk like this. Not good for a politician


Labda pia walikua walevi…ama waliogopa baba

Why does a grown man with hairy balls need to be ‘handled’ while drunk? For heaven’s sake a 50+ years old man should know his drinking limit.


Stupid irresponsible Kenyan politicians. The guy is ever stoned since a certain Singh sired with his wife.

You mean he smokes weed? There’s a time I attended a match in Nyayo and Khalwale alikuwa anapatia young supporters wa Ingwe weed rolls.

I think the guy does all the drugs in this world. Khalwale is another one.

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The one I know of is Jirongo. He smokes a lot of weed.

why would anyone need to be handled?, kwani ni mnyama


pombe tamalisa hawa kisiasa

A leader should never be seen that Drunk in public. That is why Personal Assistants are supposed to have some basic PR skills to avoid such image spoiling incidences.

:D:D:D Kubafu wewe.

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PA’s are just errand boys who can’t say no to their bosses.

Plus they major in doing the dirty work for them…so why worry when the boss is trying to get dirty all by himself???