where was the AG all along.SMH!

Could it be money has been poured !

Gasseti courtesy of @highschooler


Bitange Ndemo n James Rege were better than this Matiangi guy

Mtajuaje A-G anafanya kazi?

Hapa naona pesa imemwagwa na Safcon.

It was expected but nashindwa kwani the other guyz hawawezi waga pesa pia;were they that naive to think Kenya is governed by the rule of law

wewe una imagn ukimwaga pesa in counterattack to your dominant player, si the next move ata pull is to insert finger into your a**

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All the same safaricon would face some serious anti trust charges if we were in a developed country

which are?

uko na evidence?

These days no. Why not Apple, google, samsung? Microsoft did face such charges during the .com expansion but nothing really happened to it and people got used to overweight corporations.

Like pricing. How do you expire a bundle which is not a perishable product so that the consumer is forced to keep buying a new one at fixed intervals. Can you imagine the outcry that would arise if say Kenya power put a use by date on their tokens such that you have to buy new ones everytime even before the old ones are used up. To me it simply means that if they were able to safaricom would get into say the shoe business, sell you shoes and tell you whether they are worn out or not you have to get a new pair from them in a months time as they will consficate the old one. To me they do this because they are in a position to do so but not necessarily because its a fair trade practice. I would not allow it if i were CAK and if i had money i would challenge this in court


I believe Microsoft was heavily fined by the EU competition authorities.

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If we make more than we can get fined, why follow the rules?