Where to travel in East Africa

Elders hii mwaka nataka kutembea kidogo. I’m torn in East Africa which is the best place to visit kati ya Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania? Most likely for a weekend to 5 days.

Go to TZ, first day spend in Arusha, second at Dar, third at Iringa, 4th at mbeya, 5th take a bus straight back to Arusha.

Nice food n women there at magufools land. Avoid dealing with the men, wako na umama mingi sana n will try to con you.

Take a plane straight from Dar to Mwanza. Book into any of the lakeside resorts…Malaika is quite good. You will be surprised at how clean the beaches on the lake are, and how absolutely affordable the place is. If you want cold places, visit Mbeya or Kigali. Rwanda Air flies directly to Brussels, and it is very good. You can get many airline to Dar and then onward to Mwanza by Air Tanzania

iyo malaika charges zinarange how much ivi?

Sijui why I feel like 5 days ni muda mfupi sana for a TZ escapade? Perhaps a combination of Kigali and Mwanza, then when time allows, perhaps 2 weeks, the whole of Tanzania.