Where the ferk is the campaign money?

Has anyone here benefited from a contract by any politician to supply some campaign merchandise?
I had this politician ‘locked’ way back in April and I was sure I was gonna be laughing all the way to the bank by making millions!
Well shock on me.
Just a ferking 18 days to the election, this dude has only given me an order for 5,000 posters and 1,000 caps. If you deducts all the costs involved, I made less then 200K within a period of about 4 months. Thats 50K a month bitch! And I havent factored in the cost of time. I’d rather have worked for that Muindi in Industrial Area.
I feel wasted.
Mind you the dude is a sitting governor!
And from the look of things I am not going to get another order.
Damn! Ferk this.:mad::mad:.

winners were decided in April nominations. hii ingine unaona ni ‘abudance of wings’. kama ulichelewa, chill 2022. tuko wengi

Unaingia ulingo wa kisiasa kwani?

apana. have some clients na hawanukishi kitunguu vile inafaa/ as expected just like the OP stated

The elections gravy is all but over for many of us. Time to start exploring the post election…

Kumbe tuko wengi. I really thought nitavuuuka border with these politicians but they are as mean as I don.t know what.
I saw one print some billboard but instead of hiring akina Magnate structures anai hang na mawe kwa manyumba hazijaisha.
Ati bora message ifike.

I was told some money is being released today for campaign. tafuta hizo

By who? Where? How? Hio pesa haifiki machinani.

a jubilee insider. But its not any serious cash…kidogo tu ya kulipia madeni…

I can’t wait for these elections to end.

Wengine wanahang banners between electric poles on main roads kwa estates

Unajua Luna majamaa was kuanika na kuanua hizo banner kila asubuhi na jioni na wanalipwa soon mbili per day?

Yeah, many of them hang around pubs and keg zones. Huwa nawaona sana.

There’s a man I know who makes 2k daily since before the nominations. He was gloating that he will buy a mbikaffu when the elections are over.

Spoke to a guy who does branding and he told me t shirts printing went to china.