Where is Waititu wa kiambu?

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has revealed how the city county is losing approximately Sh100 Million every day.

This is after it emerged that 14 out of 136 revenue streams are automated, with the rest being manual thus making it easy for officials to pocket money undetected.

County Records at City Hall indicate that about Sh14 Million is collected daily from the 14 streams while revenue from the other 122 cannot be verified as they still use manual receipts.

This means that over Sh100 Million is not accounted for, leading Sonko to demand to know how much was collected from a private firm contracted to operate the electronic payment platform for cash collections.

The Governor wrote to Web Tribe Ltd, the owners of JamboPay and Jijipay platform, demanding to know its directors and how much they have collected in two weeks.

“I am reliably informed that your company is contracted by the county and operates JamboPay of cash collection.

"To enable me familiarise myself with the system, I hereby direct you to provide my office by close of business today with the documents requested,” the letter dated August 23, reads in part.

Web Tribe CEO, Danson Muchemi wrote back the same day forwarding the documents while adding that the same information was on the real-time eJijiPAY electronic revenue collection dash board.

“We wish to inform you that JamboPay only collects 14 revenue streams out of the 136 revenue streams specified in the county finance act,” Muchemi said.

The 14 streams include daily parking, seasonal parking, parking penalties, single business permit, house rents, land rates, liquor licence, market rents, miscellaneous, E-Construction, Fire, Health, advertisement and regularisation.

Earlier this week, Sonko made an impromptu tour of the cash office and found officers holding Sh7 Million being the collection for the previous day.

He promised to install CCTV cameras in the cash office to ensure transparency and timely banking of county cash.

“Under my watch, City Hall has ceased to be anyone’s cash cow. We shall streamline revenue collection and management,” he stated.


waititu amelala. kaba kabogo


Bado Si kaba kabogo but hii serikali ya thuluthi mkate ile confused.

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Haha unaexpect Waititu akiwa na Dr. Gakuyo , mwizi mkuu was mashamba na Dr. Nyoro wafanye kitu.

#Kiamburegrets :frowning:

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Kiambu is ferked up!

A lot of movement is being confused for action.
Sonko is securing the money for his own use, those thinking he is doing these things for the city you are in for a rude shock.


Si ungeweka info iko relevant to Kiambu kiasi mkubwa? Though Wakakitu’s administration seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Waititu niliskia his inauguration speech, and thought Kiambu really have a bumpy road ahead.

Kiambu is in for a ‘shocker’, two in the pink, one in the stink. All is not lost, atleast watapata multiple orgasm.
As for irovi, @Tarantinoh has nailed it. The question is how Sonko and Igathe will eat. Style ya Moi, ama ya Mwai wa Kibaki ?


Hehe tutajua tu

We can just wait and see, the guy is one hungry man, he will gobble, can someone audit the net worth of the incoming governors and do the same after every 2 years.

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I never thought I would say this about you, but this is a baboon-IQed comment.


Whatever rocks your boat Guka, we can compare notes two years down the line.

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And one who’s out to recoup his investment.

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The precedence in Kenyan politics was set immediately after independence, elective politics is an avenue to generate riches.

Waititu was not to do anything anyway apart from sleeping in his job…people just didnt want Kabogo in…I pity my county,smh!!


@ranny :smiley: opinion?

I ask myself why Uhuru did not bother to attend his inauguration?


Meanwhile in 001

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waititu can just sit in his office and do nothing but eat the county’s revenue and he would still be the better choice to kabogo #our children safety and health comes first

With Kiambu I think the management flow by Mr. Kabufallo was flawless and was well streamlined his character was his own undoing, for wakahare he can retain the status quo and it will work for him but he can still improve it to a larger scale of proficiency.