Where is uwesmake?

After betting and losing 90k on the copa america final, uncle you left with your mku mpango to the far off land of masaku… We are eagerly as team kawasaki waiting for your up close updates to do the necessary. Could it be true waitherero fed you rice? Brother man, come out and clear the air lest people start speculating… One thing i have noticed though is that betting is bad. The hyenas at sportpesa must be laughing their heads off
Before at masaku Township

Thats a genuine concern his silence is loud

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acha tungoje majibu from bukusu shepherd



@ekamsweu is very much around. He is @nyanyako

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Hii picha imenimurder!

Tungoje Deorro atuambie who posted it first on the Internet, forum and which year.


anaeza kua alipatikana na team @Njamba Huthu sasa ako I.C.U

It’s only a matter of time before he shows up and calls us SHEMALES.

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:D:D:D…OID Director

:smiley: bado hatujamaliza fight ya uncle nyam vs wakanyama, na unataka kuanzisha ingine

hiyo story ya kubet 90 k kwa sportpesa ni hekaya, the maximum stake you can place is 20 k

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[quote=“Mathice, post:12, topic:63272”]

we doggy unasema nini??[/QUOTE]


anaeza kuwa mayakos kulienda mbaya

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Anarudi mguu:D:D:D

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@Unicorn has also gone MIA for the same period. I don’t see no one missing her or maybe she’s Uwes, God forbid!

Huyu hata akafunguliwa paybill number na redcross hawes kuwa rehabilitated!:D:D:D:D

Hahaha, mimi sio unco.

See that umejiseti, ati wewe sio unco?