Where do people go for dinners in this nairobi?

Suggestions of a place to have a garden dinner and probably a drink after, budget sio ya peasant but i dont want to set high expectations … hizi hoteli kubwa kubwa hapana… my preferred area is westlands .

Rangers hapo nairobi national ama sarova panafric. They have good nyama.

Unataka kupropose?

Maxland waiyaki way na mugithi iko chonjo.

peleka yeye Karura-Amani Gardens

jama anataka sides za westy

Karura iko West

Pole. Sikuwa nimeona area of preference.


Sportsview kasa

Hell to the no!


Am not proposing!

Thanks Ktalk family for the ideas, i will combine with my own research and decide.

Ocean Basket at The Oval. - Nice fish

Nice fireplace since it’s dinner. Plus they have a live band. Drinks will cost you Kshs 450-600. No local beers. Beers are at 450-550 a beer
Food maximum damages plus dessert and all she can eat blah blah blah → 4k

Urban Eatery at Delta → Food is around 350o for both of you. Around But they have an happy hour at around 7pm. You will get local beers at a cheaper cost i.e. Kshs 200. If you get the couches at the end you will be very comfortable plus private.

Clay Oven - You will love the balcony. Food around 3k for the 2 of you. Maximum 4k

Fogo Gaucho -
Hapo karibu stage ya kwenda outskirts za kina Kinoo etc. Damages- 2k for buffet per person(4k total). You will eat all the meat you want.

NewsCaffe, Sarit - They close at 9:30. They have the best pork ribs(Kshs 1,500) you will ever taste in your life. Nice balcony. Food maximum is 3500-4k

About Thyme - Hapa there is a garden to kill for. Very very very pretty. Damages are on average the same as above

The only thing that is going to really dent your pocket are the drinks so probably don’t look forward to getting drunk. You will get tipsy at around 10k total bill

All the above are in WestLands

enyewe wewe ni grandpa for real nice insights hapo sande mwami!


Just call @Gio akupikie wewe na msupa wako. Uwache kutusumbua.

Thanks Ktalk family for the ideas! problem solved!

Quite curious to know where you will go. Don’t forget to update us