where did we get monogamy and celibacy from????

women might stone me after reading this post,but facts be said, …monogamy is not a Biblical practice,the Lord made a clear statement when He created more females than males and later said that none of them will lack a mate.

 i always wonder why we read the Bible with our eyes closed.....Moses,Abraham,Jacob....all the pillars of Christian faith had more than one wife,....why should wonder marry 1????when did YAHWEH change,????He had no issues with Moses marrying two wives,or Jacob,or David......and the Bible says that He is the same,yesterday,today and forever more......who brought the theory of one man one woman??????for sure,our wives are becoming vichwa ngumu coz they know we are locked,we have no choice.....

imagine how our marriages would be if wonder had two wives?????imagine the kind of food Wonder would be served if his kamwisugha would have a competitor?????....prostitution would decline,street families would become less everyday ....

i hate to sound controversial ,but.....polygamy might be the only solution for our rotten society and its Biblical

yours wonderful wondering wonder[ATTACH=full]1674[/ATTACH]

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Adam had one wife not many.If polygamy was the original intention then adam would have been given many helpers.likewise it is written that a man will leave his parents and take a wife and the two will become one.

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You know nothing about Christian faith.
I think it is legal to marry more than one woman in kenya so go ahead and marry and saves us from your foolishness.

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hahahahahaha…you are reffering to Torah ,which/that was written by moses who had more than one wife…who is not undersatnding the faith,me or you

there is nothing hard than dealing with closed mind…at least foolishness has a remedy

and the same case applies to celibacy

Get the remedy,will you?:wink:

this is the remedy,Monogamy is not Biblical, …but yours is permanent,till death do you part


There’s a book called The Bad Popes (by Russel Chamberlain, I think). Celibacy has its roots in old school Catholicism, back when the pope was a political leader as well as a spiritual one. He (it has always been a he) was vested with ownership/custody of church property, which would then pass on to his progeny upon his demise. Celibacy was introduced/adopted to avoid ‘dilution’ of church property via such succession.

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no wonder its a catholic practice…

…then polyandry should be legalized too. To cater for those days the husband is with the other wife.


are you sure you are replying to my thread???

Just a quote from the bible…

Exodus 21:10
If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.


…clearly even the bible allows polygamy.

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lastly some sense

no,there is nothing confusing,polygamy was in old and new testament as well…hii mambo ya one man one wife ni yetu…no wonder God is away from us