Where did they come from?

yaani,MCA mzima,in a county where the urban poor population is increasing by day,alikaa chini akaona the way to help nairobians improve their livelihoods ni hii?
So she visits a patient in a classy private hospital,she gets charged for parking,tries to intimidate people by pulling out the “mweshimiwa” card but finds learned people who put her off,warns them of consequences and next thing on the news is:
[SIZE=7]MCA wants private hospitals stopped from charging parking fees[/SIZE]
Nominated MCA Anne Thumbi says it is unfair for patients and their visitors to be charged for parking fees when they are already paying for health services in the same hospitals.
Thumbi says quoting Article 186 (1) of the Constitution that the Constitution provides powers to the County Government to govern parking.

well,mbagathi na mama lucy no one charges parking fees,but ule mkenya anaenda agakhan na nairobi hospital hawezi kuwa na shida ya parking fee…

It’s annoying to be told to pay for parking space while, you still paying for huge medical bills in the same premise. I fully support Ann Thumbi, let it be made mandatory , that an institution serving the public, should have X numbers of free parking spaces.

The parking space is (normally) on private property and NCC is already collecting too much from cabro paving it didn’t lay.

Thumbi is being silly and a good judge will kill this plot immediately.

The corrupt NCC hawks that collect for parking rough outside Avenue in Parklands, for example, why?

ata nairobiwest njee

If I’m a private practitioner serving the public on Ronald Ngala Street, will the council give me that free slot? Shops, banks and dry-cleaners also serve the public. Saa zingine we need to think things through, not just agree with them. Remember, this MCA is trying to pass a law for personal reasons.

We are crafty fellows.Zikiwa free utapata Landcruiser VX ya mwizi fulani imeparkiwa Nairobi hospital but he doesnt work there .

She should know its a private business. Next atasema cafeteria ziko kwa private hospital zisilipishe kuuza chakula juu wanalipa service charges. Meffi.

45minute max. If you exceed that towing.

Kwanza she is nominated no one voted her.

Mimi nilikua napak probox yangu mall flani alaf naenda shughuli zangu whole day. Niliacha hio tabia when they introduced parking fee. So I understand the hospitals.

Who is the time keeper ?

kwani mnatakaga aje WanaKenya?! Mbunge asipowatetea parking fees mnazusha, akitetea parking fees pia ni mbaya…what do Kenyans want??!

angeanza na kuteta tutengenezewe sewarage na drainage systems mzuri hapa kibich

ever been to such malls?like ile greenspan ya doni,unachukua ticket na timer…ukipitisha an hour or so inaanza kujicount

Useless motion, Kenyans have peculiar habits. I know of guys who used to park at Nairobi Hospital then walk to Community to the various government ministries to do their business. Private hospitals can do whatever they want with their parking.
This MCA should be tabling motions to better services in government hospitals so that no one goes to the private hospitals. Mbagathi Hospital was in news yesterday, 3 new borns on one bed.

I echo your sentiments mujamaa. Private parking lazima ilipiwe, mKenya tuko na tabia mbaya ya kuchukulia kila situation advantage. If there’s no control then utapata the genuine cases wataumia sana.

Let’s all conclude we Africans are stupid kiasi.instead of protesting high medical fees ameona parking ndio shida.maskini ata gari hana.animal farm laws getting support from the more privileged animals

Hii tabia ndio inafanya parking lots zianze kucharge.

shida yenyu wakenya,mtapewa hio freedom but mshienzi atapark gari hapo ,atoke kwenda kula nyama.No free parking ,kenyans are born thugs