where did the 1 billion nasa paybill funds go?

source- the star

NASA has raised Sh20 million from their recently launched paybill number for presidential campaigns.

In a statement on Friday, chief campaigner Musalia Mudavadi lauded Kenyans for their support.

“I am especially grateful to those who have us as little as Sh5, Sh10 and Sh20. They are the heart of the movement … you are now plugged into the journey to bring back electoral justice and accountability to Kenya,” he said.

He said for transparency, NASA has set up a dashboard to contact fellow supporters and donors.

Mudavadi said fundraising will continue to ensure Kenyans are part of a “truly inclusive and people-driven campaign”.

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“The campaign we have embarked on is going to be long and demanding. We are up against an opponent that has unfettered access to State recourses and big businesses that thrive on the Jubilee [administration’s] corruption and impunity,” he claimed.

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is also expected to attend an event dubbed ‘Daughters of Raila Carwash’ on Saturday to launch his campaigns.

The event will be held at Luchar Carwash opposite Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.

A poster of the event on social media indicates that a normal carwash will be Sh500, while the fundraising carwash will be charged Sh1,000.

T-shirts and hoodies will also be available at the event.

Afadhali hawa wanachangiwa na wananchi sio wengine kuwaweka kwa madeni na hakuna shilingi inawafikia. Mtailipa tukishasecede.


but we were being told they had already raised 1 billion. where did 980 million dissapear? or was it the usual chest thumping of 10 million strong?


Wanjigi ?

so the peasants were actually repaying the billionnare gikuyu? wah!


1 billion ? the lastime I checked the diaspora kitty they had only received 1.87m.

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The reason they are asking ojingo die-hards to contribute to their campaign is because thier cash cow kidero who was financing thier campaign at the expense of Nairobi country lost his seat…now it makes sense why jakuon was saying in sinking win he would resign.
The also tried to auction the country to cartels but it backfired on them…Bure kabisa.


Nilisema situmi na situmi atumie ile pesa Anyang nyongo aliiba clinix akiwa minister


zako kula na momo sisi tutatuma


[SIZE=7]Ililipa wanjigi[/SIZE]

I have a feeling this time these repeat elections have cost us more than PEV. Yaani badala ya elections kuwa inatupeleka mbele,we usually go two steps back. this is madness.


itaisha hii burukenge inaitwa joshua mwitu ikipelekwa bondo. fortunately his progeny dont have his character.

Mungiki trying to white wash the billions tumbilee has borrowed to fund their campaigns and expect kenyans to pay it. Yes, kenyans will pay it but we will not be a part of it. Finya ignore button, taka taka.

The political parties in the biggest democracies in the world raise money majorly through donations. I’d like to engage you more but you’re just a petty mungiki to me. Can’t waste my time on such.


Those were not official figures from NASA itself. Personally, I don’t give a damn how much was raised, the only important thing is that a milestone has been set for future parties/coalitions in terms of raising funds.


noted. from now on, anything mudavadi says we shall assume its just the farting of a fat man

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Actually, I didn’t know MC MaDVD had said it. Let me go look for it.

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io pesa inawasumbulia nini? Has Jp told you how much it has spent on its campaigns? why dont you tabulate your figures here and tell us how much you have been dishing out in statehouse nakuru nA kadhalika.

Give us a break for all we care!


Why don’t you tell us and you were there? :smiley:


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Meffi wacha kunichomea mbisha

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hii ya nasa inatusumbua sana. achana na ya JP haitusumbui:mad: