Where can one get a good laptop bag?

talkers hamjamboni. My Targus(fake?) laptop bag of 1 year is starting to fray on the edges. am quite disapointed. sasa natafuta bag mzuri to last atleast 5years. Can talkers recommed a shop in town n preferably brand? shukran tele.

@Zebedayo kuja hapa utuambie ile story ya swissgear

kuna jamaa alikua anauza hadi akaacha contacts; ebu kagua posts za juzi and ukikosa isake OLX uko uwes kosa.
ps; the economy sucks and the youth are broke as hell and horny. dont purchase a big bag which when you carry around every1 knows you have an intel machine on your back. you may be a target.!!

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Kwani iko venye mtu anaeza akajua processor ni ya intel just from the way the bag looks ?

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how long has this nigga been around? He sold me a very nice bag na nataka ingine!

I bought a vista bag at Nakumatt for 3K in 2011 and its going strong saa hii ndio inashow dalili. I use it as a travelling cum bag. naseti laptop poa then a change of clothes notebook and pen. Samsonite pia hua poa