Where can i sell one of my kidneys

Some of you will judge but hapa ndipo maisha imenifikisha.
Im a fresh Dad and my son needs alot of medical attention

Pole bro…West Africans huenda India kuuza but I wouldn’t take the chance. They can put u under and decide kutoa zote.

Has it come to that!! Apo ndio Corona imekufikisha?
Anyway, afadhali kuuza shamba ama kitu ingne different. It might get complicated afterwards and you end up needing medical attention both you and your son

uza shamba ama gari ama fanya mchango.

Vile majamaa wamesema apana uza part of you, no situation is permanent bro.Fikiria michango.

Ghasia you are the expensive toy that your child will ever have. What if ukiuza halafu upate complications ukufe. Eleza shida zenye uko nazo. Dawa Mumbi house hatuwezi shindwa kununua.

Why dont you appear on a platform like tuko na kid wako. Tell your story while sobbing. If your are a single dad the better. People will be touched. Help will arrive. Pole

Write it on a placard that you want to sell a kidney and walk around town with it. Kwanza hapo Nation Centre. Someone will highlight it then you can cash in on your sob story.

Pole Sana brother. May God see you out of that predicament

Pray bro. God solves all our problems

[SIZE=3]uza mcoondu[/SIZE]

Si uende akuuzie :D:D:D:D

Nothing breaks a man more than not being able to do anything for your sick child. I pray for blessings upon you brother.

hahaha zii. Mkush anaweza uza repeatedly. Kidney ni once & for all