Where can i get this in cbd ???

[ATTACH=full]1400[/ATTACH] I want to extend my projector and there is this connector that I need where can I can I get hapa Nai.???

Boss, use official cables, ile siku utachoma projector ndio utajua cheap is expensive.

@jameson! from laptop to the projector is 12 mtrs can I get such a long cable with vga connector?? hapo ndipo nko! thanks

That is the major problem we have here in kenya ie you cannot customise your cables to suit your length, thickness or colour !


Go to where they sell projectors, commercial entertainment equipment and such. or kata the normal VGA into two and do your own extension with wires, some solder and a tape if you cant get a new long one.

Go to sight and sound computers. You will get Vga cables of whatever length.

If you insist on joining the cable get cable connectors. Lakini kama lazima soldering, take the cable to popman house third fl. 1st shop on your right as you exit the stairs ask for someone who can do that.

Thanks all now I know where to go ! will get back with feedback! Asanteni tena sana.

@Bus Kudos!!! Pewa Yoghurt ya Vanilla kwa bill yangu!