where can i get coffee

Hey talkers, help a brother here.There is this lady from Mombasa who wants to send coffee to her sister in Malaysia. now due to less amount of profits incurred she just decided to let me be the supplier(she will do the exportation stuff). so villagers i want to know:
-where can i get different grades for sampling first in mombasa and nairobi.

Coffee beans, roasted or refined? Which type? Arabica or Robusta. Fafanua please

kwa duka

You could always try some of the farmers who mill their own coffee( not those who sell to cooperatives). There are a number around Githunguri, area

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Java, Dormans, Art Caffè, Coffee House. You will get good grade coffee in all those places.


refined…mostly the one used by java and dormans

she wants the refined one like dormans, java etc

shouldn’t that be “roasted or milled”?
and @byro I guess you should be looking for coffee beans…don’t be vague.

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Thats where your business acumen kicks in. Roasting coffee is rather easy. If you can ensure consistency of the dried coffee, all you need is one of those heavy chapati making pans and then you roast the coffee over a slow fire and you can sell the beans whole or ground…

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I have beans or ‘bone’ as sometimes known. Check with milling companies e.g. Thika mills

you mean buni?

Called mbu(o)ni. thanks . I need fine one

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Eeh, kumbe mbúni came from ‘bone’? :slight_smile:

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send me an email we talk. [email protected]

or the other way round