Where can i buy the Abortion pill in Nairobi?

I think my period is late. I am jobless and broke. And no preachers, I am not changing my mind. So who knows where I can buy mitrosopol or cytotec?

Is this the best place you could have sought that answer?

Ktalk is 94.9999% males, 5% half-a-males and 0.00001% women (of the male-emulating kind).

Just walk into any rogue chemist and ask.

Thanks. I was hoping another chic would know. It was a longshot anyways.

@admin tuna kuonea 3-point line…

:smiley: Just had to laugh…

You forgot .1% Akina[SIZE=1] @Kigui and @Kimakia[/SIZE]

Faggotry here is more than that .1%…


@Deep sea we know it’s you

one, it is misoprostol.

ukipeana mimba tulia, mungu akileta mtoto, ataleta na sahani na kikombe yake

Noogle just say you are constipating and you need a laxative to relieve you the anguish.

Finally, your prayers have been answered!

Wale wasee wa exhauster? :smiley:


most kenyan doctors have side clinics and no morals …ukimkuta huko , that doctor will do whatever you want …



do not breed if you are poor

You saying poor people shouldn’t fek?