When Zaiko was Zaiko-Dede



“Le President” Jossert Nyoka Longo Mvula and his Band , Zaiko Langa Langa “Nkolo Mboka” , just keep getting better at their craft as time passes by …

Now 71 years old and recently married for the second time , the gentleman just keeps the good vibes coming

…“…Miziki Ya Bana Bakulutu” …!!
…"… Vimba , Vimba , Vimba …
Pssssssshhhh…!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::fire::guitar:

He has recently recruited singer Lola Mwana Digital into his band …
He is the Son of the late Dindo Yogo (RIP) who was was with him when the original Zaiko was founded.

Together with Bimi Ombale(RIP) , Nsumbu Lengi Lenga (RIP) , J.P. Buse , Atalakus / Animators Nono Monzoluku (RIP) and Doudou Adula they formed the formidable Vocal Team of Zaiko Langa Langa…

The late Dindo Yogo sings “Mokili Echanger”…
The very alert in here will notice the almost identical voice range between the father and the son:blush:

In Memory of Ms. Jacky Kanamoly Lehuma AKA Jacky Bebeto (RIP), the famous dancer of Zaiko langa langa and former member of Kofi Olomide’s Latin Quarter who passed away on Sunday, December 8, 2013.


Here , She dances to the song “Egide” … :hotsprings: :hotsprings:

Mbona unapost maiti ya mwendazake

He’s retarded

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