When you pay to get a job

Hi guys, there some recruitment firms in nairobi that charge you so that they can place u a job, ie. 2k, 1500, 500 they usually say ni ya cv database ama cv update… question is, are they real? can i pay and nipate job? has anyone here tried them and was successful? ama ukilipa ni waste of cash

genuine recruitment companies do not charge any fee hao ni cons, unless you are assured to get the job dont pay.

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Nikama msee akusho u send cash ya kubook car hire

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The real ones you pay when they get a job for you, hizo zingine where you pay first I don’t trust them, I mean whats in it for them to find a job when you pay upfront?



Many thanks for your email. In order to assist you better, we need to know; Are you interested in professional Cv writing services? A new Cover letter or registering your Cv into our database? Usually we charge as follows:

  1. Professional CV writing service/ Cv upgrades or what we call a normal CV Revamp, we charge: 1500/- Only.

  2. A new cover letter is priced at 500/- only.

  3. If you decide that you need us to provide job search assistance whereby you register your current CV with us as it is and it is placed in our database for various employment vacancies, then for that service we charge 2000/- only. Please note that our database is accessible to several of our clients making it very easy for candidates to acquire interviews. This service also includes FREE Interview skills training whenever you need to practice for an upcoming interview. You need to book for this training at your own time.

Follow link to see our client list: http://r4kenya.com/about/our-clients/

If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us directly on: 0707321450/ 0205289239. You may also come to our office on 4th floor kipro centre in Westlands for further consultation.

Refer to our Facebook to see job postings through this link: www.facebook.com/RecoursFourKenya or search us as: Recruitment4Kenya

Access our website for more info and clarification: www.r4kenya.com

** We do NOT guarantee jobs however we do guarantee a wide database with clients that will have access to your CV, we either call you for an interview or the client contacts you directly, **

Candidate testimonials: http://r4kenya.com/candidates/testimonials/

Payment Details
The specified payment is made directly to Lipa na mpesa menu, Mpesa Buy goods till number 909370 , email us or call admin on 0707321450 and let us know that you have paid so we can begin working on your cv immediately and you get the new cv within one week or if you are available you may come to our offices on 4th Floor, Kipro Centre in Westlands and we can proceed to assist you efficiently. Once you complete your payment (in the case of registration) we provide you with a form which you will be required to fill for our record purposes

Some are genuine. You pay only a minimal registration fee like 1000 or so. They secure u interviews and once you get a job you pay them 1 months pay. Back in my employment days i secured several interviews and a job through one that had offices in ngara opposite post office. I found them effective. I also secured several interviews through myjobseye.com back then

The disclaimer says it all… We do NOT guarantee jobs… That disclaimer provides them with an avenue to run a legal con.
To pay or not to pay is the question.

Yea… also registered there got some interviews now workin.wanajiita management consultant.ukiskiza washenzi stingy and decide not to take risks you will never succeed .


Hiyo office yao iko building inaitwaje? And do they have a website? It is a risk worth taking.

I would say 5% of them are genuine but most are cons. Got my first job from one agency firm at the shell/BP house in Nairobi. I had to pay 2k for registration which took care of the emails and phone calls they made to me arranging for interviews and updates. I was informed from the beginning that once I got my contract, confirmed was real and signed it I will pay them 10k ya macho. Everything went smoothly and I landed my first job out of the country. That was about 4 years ago. @Jay_boss what I would advice you is to tread with caution do a lot of research online before you commit otherwise utalilia kwa bafu.


Yeah, management consultants ndio hao. I found them effective. They were on third floor of blessed house if i remember correctly

THANKS GUYS…Am sure this post was seen by less bt it helped many… THANKS ALL

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