When you don't have a bonobo software.

It’s 113 years old but still far much better than our Laikipia Blowjob:

but look at how ugly it looks.
they started somewhere and built on it. the only way they grew is through support from buyers.

for us, we are too late since there are already better looking and cheap designs so us starting from scratch or even having better looking but expensive (due to the cost of production) won’t cut it.

the only way China has grown is support from their own local market even before the international one. and this was possible due to dictatorship which banned products from outside.

Boss,hata mtoto wa class six ukamwambia achore a concept car,atajaribu. BJ50 looks like an imaginary monster a toddler would come up with. Hakuna time,attention to detail,determination or effort. Have a look at Caterham or Factory Five Mk4 Roadster, the uniambie kama laikipia walitumia hata drawing charts or plans. Siwaingilili but ukweli ni hayo

labda hio gari ilichorwa na mtoi wa huyo msee wa class 4 yeye akajaribu kumtengenezea “toy car” wenye nchi kuona wakadecide hi ni cash cow and here we are.

but true, that car isn’t appealing and acceptable to any standards.
but i can bet we have very many competent designers/innovators… who can come up with better designs/ideas/solutions… to soo many problems that we face.
but we lose them due to Brain drain or they give up those dreams and decide to venture into other fields. those who give better ideas, refuse to play ball of letting go of their idea or giving something and the ideas are shelved or thrown into the litter bin

But kidogo internet search wangepata blue print ya gari atleast inavutia macho:D

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