When the gods conspire and shift the goal posts literally.


Aron Johannsson played 10 games for Iceland U-21 team and even scored one goal, he switched to USA in 2013 to be able to play in the world Cup,well USA did not qualify for the 2018 World cup but Iceland did.

Epic fail!

coz of his stupid haircut that they didnt qualify

NgoZi za wazungu ni mbaya aki

Like that Cameroon guy who refused to join his country then they went on to win the Africa Cup of Nations.
Kuchimba nayo…

Wacha zizeeke, you will apologize to the word “mbaya”…

Choices, choices… in hindsight we could have all invented MPESA and could be rolling in money today. The unpredictability and uncertainties are what make life interesting and worth living

People have seen and had worse, this is merely a twist of fate.
It’s like babuon withdrawing from the elections intending to throw the country into a constitutional crisis only for the court to rule that the other 6 contenders are also eligible to run.

Lazima ulete upusy hapa

Si avi yangu ni pussy.

Sometimes its good to take a break from politics, uhuru na raila wanapigania kazi ndio fanilia zao zishibe but not about helping raia

I will take a break when babuon does, remind me the last time he stopped politicking.

He is looking for daily bread in politics, and you?

Pursuing my passion.

Diego Costa who remembers?

Brazil vs Spain. Pia a mini replay na kina Atletico vs Chelsea hehe.

bila coma sijaelelwa hii osungu yako birionea

lamba intern kwa basement pole pole anko