When the deal is sweet, Faiba JTL, Think twice!

Just from Faiba JTL facebook page and I can’t believe the ratings there, an average of 1.3 star …man kuna shida. Customer Care ikiwa chini, go for a better option!


added on the list!

Faiba inaniangusha sana nowdays. It used to be stable but sahii ni kama watu walifurika

ile ina router ya wanainchi group ni ipi?

the new safcom home internet has been very reliable so far. but then maybe its coz the connections are few

Hello Ranny

I used Safaricom too and it’s reliable as fuck on my end too. Only had a problem once and the next morning they were at my place to resolve it

hawa safaricom when contacted regarding hii fibre yao hawarespond, meffi kabisa