When Talkers Watch Too Many Legal Dramas

I saw this comment on this thread and couldn’t understand whether it was serious or an attempt at sarcasm. I must confess, nowadays I find it increasingly difficult to tell. Old age must be catching up with me.
Assuming this was a serious post, then I must ask the question; exactly what kind of drugs are talkers abusing??

Mzito Matiba had his balls massaged by Nyayo’s minions around 30 years ago, it’s only recently that he was awarded some 900 milli. On his deathbed, like it’ll do him any good.
So I’m supposed to believe the gubbermint will just hand over “a couple of billions” to a muhindi billionaire simply because his son caught a stray? What’s so special about this particular person, that he’s worth a couple of billions?

The other “solution” to @panktcha’s imagined impasse is…are you ready for this?..for the police to kill the cop who fired the fatal bullet, and a couple of his colleagues, so as to placate the billionaire. Yaani, I don’t even, as in I kent even begin to fathom…

Did the police fuck up? Why, yes.
Was this Bunty the first victim of our mediocre police “service”? Hehehe, fuck no.
Are there going to be more victims going forward? HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!
The past week has not been particularly good for Kenyan billionaires. From playing hide and seek with police in their own mansions, to getting shot “anyhowly”, they’re feeling what the “small mwananchi” goes through every single day.

Anyway, mimi hayanihusu. Wa kukufa watakufa tu, ama namna gani wadau?
To our birrionaires…start getting more involved in the affairs of your country, or you’ll soon find yourself, in the not too distant future, quoting to us a paraphrased version of that already over-quoted Martin Niemoller poem:
“First they came for the dirty Eastlando chokoraas, and I did not speak out…because I was not a dirty Eastlando chokoraa”…

Shida ya police service ni kuchukua educated rejects… yaani watu wa D-. How can such a person investigate serious crimes apart from wizi wa kuku na mihogo.

Jambo somsay

Hawa watu saa zingine mimi huimagine kuna dustbin hapo kwa reception ya Kiganjo, ukifika huko kitu ya kwanza ni kutupa akili ndani ya hio dustbin. If so called “elite” units can make such blunders, what do you expect from regular police?
Lakini sina ubaya @pamba, msikuje kutafuta terrorist kwangu leo usiku. Kama nimekosa nasema pole, pris pris pris.

He fired his gun; police returned fire…:smiley:

Kenya police… I never want to think about anything to do with those idiots. Weak D- materials in civil service. And they suppress any efforts to fight corruption

Police don’t like keeping fire they haven’t asked for, they have to return it to the owner.


Fire at kenya police; they’ll take the fire and give it back to you. :smiley:

Juzi another one Struck a passenger kwa ma3…ocs to the press…; " he was aiming for the tires in an attempt to stop the vehicle,unfortunately hit the window" o_O

Ama wanaexchange fire.
Jambazi :- Shika moto…

Karao:- Pia wewe shika moto.

The Mombasa matau one? Was very sad. How do they open fire at a matatu filled with passengers just because it doesn’t have insurance? Very very sad

SUBJECT: Shooting Incident Report:

Yesteday the 17th October/ 17, at about 2215hrs Police received information through Changamwe Police hotline that there was a shooting incident near Equity bank Changamwe. Police officers rushed to the scene and found a matatu with one person shot dead inside. Upon further inquiry, it was establishes that officers from Makupa road block at Makande, had stopped this matatu KBK 4OOK,upon inspection it was found to have no insurance sticker when the driver was asked to produce driving licence, he sped off towards Changamwe. Four officers decided to give it a chase onboard a small private car. Upon reaching changamwe township one officer fired one round of 7.62mm ammunition from G3 rifle fatally injuring an unkown passenger seated in the front cabin of the said Matatu. OCPD, DCIO and OCS Changamwe visited the scene and thereafter proceeded to Makande road block for further inquiries. Body photographed by scenes of crime and removed to Coast General hospital morgue.
[ATTACH=full]134442[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]134443[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]134444[/ATTACH]

Wharrathis now? Sasa mtu kama huyo, anashoot kwa matatu imejaa abiria, can you say he has a brain, seriously speaking? If they still behave like this even now when we have more openness, imagine how bad they were during Moi’s time.

Poa sana

very unfortunate Kenyans are forking 300k to be enlisted to kps 1/4 being graduates, some are talkers, napita tu.

Sijui unasema nini. Must be the old age too. :smiley:

I spend a considerable amount of time dealing with messes directly or indirectly caused by KP. That team is absolutely very incompetent. I know there are talkers in the service, so I will not say much else.

In this case, KP messed up. The Shahs will not take it lightly.

Might have been ferrying some "precious "pharmaceuticals…:D:D

Even this is never fully investigated, if at all.


Hoping they don’t need the services of the D- . If the police were to strike for a day, all the self-righteous fools posting here would lose their anal virginity from the chokoras you see around.