When she wants to be the official MWK

Niaje wadau.
Mko poa? Hapo sawa.

Kuna hii kunguru nilikutana nayo during my usual Bird watching sessions out in the wild.

Let’s call her Mueni, coz she’s a Cambodian.

So Mueni and I clicked, chit chat and numbers were exhanged.

Things got hot and she fell for my charms. Akawa anadai serious relationship.

Nikaona hapa itakuwa tricky sana. Nikakumbuka vile mhenga @incognitus alisema - make it clear in the beginning that you are married.

I told Mueni that am married. And a relationship with her is ruled out. Akasema wacha afikirie.

Next day kunguru ya Tala ananiambia she has thought of the issue and she has made a decision.

she has decided to call off the not yet consummated affair, I thought to myself.

Shock on me though!

Mueni said she wants to be my side chick. And if I have any other chick on the side niwachane nao!!!

I smiled while also worried about this new development. Nikamjibu nikamwambia sawa babe, you are the only one I have.

Kila siku ananiuliza naendea slices lini, namshow achill tu kazi imenishika kiasi.

Sasa wakubwa, mshawai kujipata situation kama hii?

Boy, u r about to join da many niggers on her tag team for sorting out her financio woes! Da more niggers da merrier! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oa yeye kama bibi ya pili wacha upuzi. MWK is simply a prostitute with a stable customer.

:D:D:D Nicely put.

Hio nikama kupea maliar deposit, Alafu ukulange tu!


hakuna pesa ameniitisha so far.


a huge trap is awaitin ur balls! :smiley:

As a budding chicken farmer, I have noticed layers deliberately seek and preen themselves before a cock to be climbed dispelling the fallacy that it’s always the cock that chases the hen.

[ATTACH=full]141342[/ATTACH] ukingoja aitishe dough after umeinyafura

hehehe… hii nayo umetengeneza saa ngapi

:D:D:D:D:D Mna mambo huku kijijini.

gay kihii


I know a chic whose a side chic to an older man(sponsor) . The old man pays her rent and visits her occasionally but the proverbial paka akiondoka panya utawala…kuna a young boy mwenye ushinda kwa hio nyumba and only ventures out when sponsor is about to visit the lady. I guess sponsor calls the chic before visiting coz hii ninja youngin haijawai kamatwa.

Siku moja miti yote ita teleza…atajua hajui

Huyo kijana ni dume suruali, a leech

Relax. Its too early. Ataitisha and you will gnash your teet wishing she only asked for credo and salon money.

daktari…@Luther12… Okwonkwo ametu-show…he is on the prowl. Anatafuta mtu/watu. And he says he is married. The more I read KTalk, the more I hate the idea of being married.

Having said that, I have been meaning to comment on some thread about that morning pill. I had never heard about it. Nilisoma hapa. I do not think it is provided hia.