when she says "forget about my past"

As a man worth his name, you should never ask a lady how many men she has slept with, never ever show any sign of insecurity.
But there are things you should never ignore ,

One day i was talking to some chic i wanted to fuck and see how things go, i really liked her genuinely…until we started talking about 3-somes, she told she has been
in a 3-some but akajitetea that she was doing it for cash coz she was broke, ooh damn hapo my kunguru sensors went up, she would rather have told me she was doing it for fun… those signs you never ignore.

it is only your turn, bro! unless you chain her inside your house she will be dicked out there even if you home her

whats the big deal,unafikiri ukitaka kutomba tu ujikate, utapata mavajo wankungoja? panga laini kama wenzako ungojee uitwe.Chieth!!!

Men multiply the number, women divide the number! DO not give a shit about this. Just take your shift/ turn and hit the pussy as if you were the first one in the kunguru’s pussy, then hit the road satisfied!

Bora hauoi dem hakuna haja ya kujua mileage

Boss panga laini kama wengine kula coomer fikisha threshold ondokea msee next.

You have a past too. Nyandua kitu enda zako

You want to ferk a lot but you want women to be virgins at the same time? Jinga hii.