When Music was Music, not Noise


Good music there, that was them days, I still have these an many old school music, I listen regularly. The current music I don’t buy, kelele tu.


in every generation there are people who think they were the best or their preferences were the best as compared to the current generation. Just like how in every generation there are people who think that they are the ones to witness the end of the world

GTA San Andreas best GTA ever


Wrong. Good music is just good music and will stand the test of time.Most people in my generation listened to their parents’ music and still do.Then we have fads like the rubbish you call metal. You eventually outgrow such with time, but by then you will be too lost to appreciate good music.

The word.

Actually wanted to tell Deorro exactly that but decided to move on.

Actually, all music is “noise”.
We just like different types of “noise”.

Music nowadays is just computer generated noise

Good music is good music no compromise but music for today is noise

Warren G - Regulate ft. Nate Dogg - YouTube


For those who can spare the time


if metal is Rubbish then people would not be still listening to Mettalica and Black Sabbath. Just because you don’t like a genre does not make it trash. I don’t like bongo music or Reggae but does that mean that Bob Marley or Morgan Herritage or Diamond or Alikiba are fads and rubbish?

Good music stands test of time, I agree. That’s why to consider an album or a song a classic some give them 10 years. But when people like @Liberty claim that today’s music is noise and you agree with him, I will refer to you guys as a bunch of lazy people not willing to put effort. You think back in the 70’s and 80’s some music were not considered as trash? Since time immemorial there is always good music and bad music released be it in the 80’s or in 2018. It’s your job as a listener to search for the good stuff and not just sit and claim today’s music is trash just because of a few pop songs.

Finding music today is easy with the numerous Music streaming services, youtube and forums, use those. For example if I need Kenyan music on SOundcloud there are channels like Nairobi Underground which posts and shares Kenyan Music of all genres from lots of indie artists. Some are really good and some are trash. I take the good ones, follow the artists and discover other songs from them too.

There are lots of good new gems out there everyday to be stuck on one era of music




Good music has no date. This is NOT old.