I saw a girl the other day. She was very pretty. Yero yero safi sana! We exchanged several awkward corner-of the-eye glances until I finally screwed up the courage to walk up to her. I fumblingly introduced myself & asked if we’d met before…and then expressed my desire for dating her.

She stared at me for a few seconds, her head tilting to the side like a confused dog, then said in a matter-of-factly manner, “But you are our church pastor!”

My eyes widened. My jaw dropped.
“Oh my God”, she said, “I can’t believe you don’t know me”. I shrugged and said, “I am sorry, I honestly don’t.”

She went on to inform me that she has finally confirmed the rumours doing the rounds of how I was a womaniser and a wife snatcher!..“God has finally revealed you and I promise to blow your lid open!” she blurted.
I silently took this in.
“Well!” she said, “What do you have to say for yourself?”
I slowly shook my head & said, “No, I think you’ve confused me with someone else,” I then walked away very quickly so she wouldn’t hear me giggling.


Umemwagia pastor unga!
Members will resist tithing!

Didn’t u see it as tactic to avoid your advances

Si Kwa ubaya, but can’t relate at all. opium of the masses


Alipigwa sweep baridi