When it rains it pours.

Kuna hio thread ya Kones hapo chini. Nikichokora chokora zaidi nimepata hii.

[SIZE=7]My son’s last message before committing suicide-MP Beatrice Kones reveals[/SIZE]
Local News By Diana Anyango 1 month ago
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https://www.sde.co.ke/sdemedia/sdeimages/tuesday/duthebklqfo45c876d1718ec0.jpgThe late Collins Kipyegon Kalya. [Photo: Courtesy]
Bomet East MP Beatrice Kones on Saturday laid her son Collins Kipyegon Kalya to rest.
Collins Kipyegon, the third son of late former roads minister Kipkalya Kones and Beatrice Kones committed suicide last week in Nakuru under unclear circumstances.

Beatrice Kones who was in South Africa at the time of the incident received a message from the late Collins Kipyegon before taking his life.
https://www.sde.co.ke/sdemedia/sdeimages/tuesday/thumb_sfktgbuny0a4uhkz5c876b0b179a9.jpgEmotions were in the air as family and friends gathered at Nakuru War Memorial Hospital [Photo: Nation]
“He sent me a message stating he was taking his life and I should take care of his children. The action was unwarranted as he did not lack anything,” she said
A source revealed to The Standard that Kipyegon has been having family issues. “He has been having marital issues which we suspect drove him to commit suicide,” he said.
The burial which took place in Bomet East Sub County at Kaporuso village was attended by Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen, Bomet County Governor Joyce Laboso and former Governor Isaac Ruto, among other leaders.
Collins Kipyegon leaves behind a widow and three children.

In 2008, the former roads minister Kipkalya Kones lost his life in a plane crash in Narok. He was the MP of Bomet at the time of death and had only served for one year.


I see the Mum stating the action was unwarranted for, because the son didn’t lack anything .

Noticed that too, she thinks having material things having = happiness & contentment

Its part of real.life

Hii ni laana ya peasant ndio ina wakula. They should expect no mercy. When we cry our tears do not go in vain. I hear Gathecha son is a hard drug addict.

Machozi ya kiambaa victims inakuja kwa hii family mbio Sana

ndio maana Gathecha ameweka [SIZE=1]street pharmacist[/SIZE] 047 na 001 karibu sana.

So ile story ya @digi ilikuwa porojo? Ati it’s Kipkalya Kone’s daughter who died of alcoholism! Ama wote, brother and sister wameaga? I read her story on battling with alcoholism in December 2018 on Daily Nation. Kindly clarify this @patco

That’s the point we’ve been missing as a society. We tend to think more will fill the many voids and deficiencies we have.
May it be in relationships, politics, social life and so on.

Ghaseer, daughter and son both dead, daughter died this week

I believe the deceased kids are Collins plus the other two siblings in Digi’s thread.

Siku za mwizi

Tragic to say the least and pole to the family however people should stop believing that money/wealth is everything while it’s a means to an end its not the end in itself…

Wewe @digi utakula ma upper cut sahii ata kama umebeba chumaa! Nway, thanks for the clarification. Ghaseer!

A dog barks kwa ukali ikiwa kwao kwa compound. Kuja hapa nje upoteze meno, kuwa mpole na utulize kende. Utalijua jiji.

Otherwise Habari za asubuhi senior chief.

By The Politician
10 hrs ·
The Ghosts of 2007/8 PEV haunting Kones Family

Some things don’t just happen. During the 2007/8 post-election violence, then Bomet Constituency MP Kipkalya Kones was in charge of the targeted attacks on Kikuyus in parts of the Rift Valley. This was after William Ruto’s declaration that, “It is either a Kenya for all of us, or non for any of us”, remarks that earned him the ICC ticket.
Kones name appeared prominently in witness statements and was said to have received orders directly from then ODM stalwart William Samoi Ruto. Specifically, Kones was incharge of various attacks like Kiambaa church which was the hallmark of the violence when women and children seeking refuge in church were burnt alive.
Kones was incharge of paying the Kalenjin militia that killed, maimed and displaced thousands of Kikuyus living in Rift Valley. When charges were pressed against individual attackers identified by survivors, Kones personally bailed them out from police stations across the Rift Valley.
Factually, Kones was to be charged posthumously at the ICC, he was the biggest link between Ruto the financier and Kalenjin militia who perpetrated these attacks. Unfortunately Kones perished in a ‘tragic air crash’ in company of then Sotik MP Lorna Laboso.
Since his death, Kones family has been faced by death tragedies one after the other. Last year, Kones favourite son, Kipkelyon Kones committed suicide after what family said was domestic misunderstanding. This week, the family is mourning yet another death, this time his favourite daughter who died in unclear circumstances.
To make it worse, another of Kones child has been in and out of rehab after she was diagnosed with HIV in August 2016. In-short, Kipkalya Kones sold his soul to the devil by agreeing to be the conveyor belt of blood money that saw tens of innocent and unarmed Kenyans killed in Kiambaa Church.
Sadly, despite being an MP, his wife is paying bitterly for the sins of his husband and his accomplices. It’s just a matter of time before Ruto starts to pay the price. Wathi urihagirwo thi, we forgave, but we shall never forget. We’ve a new constitution, let Sudi and company attempt that nonsense again!
Kones cursed his own generation when he sponsored and facilitated tribal cleansing. Imagine these militia stood guard as women and children perished in that fire, those who tried to save themselves through the window and doors were repulsed by a rain of arrows and spears from the intoxicated militia.
When I see Mt Kenya MPs and Governors like Waititu accompany Ruto around the country I wonder how selfish and stupid our leaders can be. The events of 2007/8 shall never be repeated, not under the current constitution where powers are clearly defined. Acio mahiriire Kiambaa mari ciana cia NGUI kana maciaritwo niatumia na arume taithue?

Truth be told. #GuoyaTutiraguraKimeraGiki

Thaii thathaiya ngai Thaii, wa kirimaini aroragwo ni mwene nyaga